NYE Hair and Makeup


As the Victoria Secret Show has passed, a great amount of attention was focused on the performances and, of course, on the Angels’ impeccable look. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are only two among the amazing supermodels that we all admire and want to look like. Nevertheless, these beautiful women and the show they participate in can serve as inspiration for our New Years look. The charisma and inspiration to be sexy, confident and natural is what makes the Victoria Secret Angels so special. The makeup artist of the show Dick Page and stylist Akki Sirakawa are giving some advice on how to be the star of the 31st December.

Smoky eyes are the perfect option for a sexy appearance. Use a dark brown, almost black eyeliner for your upper lid. Use dark grey and neutral, earthy tones for the eye shadows. Everything should be very well blended in because any sharp lines will totally ruin the effect of the makeup. Finish the eye makeup with a few layers of black mascara: the ultimate classic. The most important step in this makeup look is the eye pencil for emphasizing the inner corner of the eyes.

For the cheeks and the face you need to achieve a natural glow. However, what many women underestimate is the power of blush, contouring and highlight. A light stroke of pink blush can bring so much difference. Apply a little bronzer to most convex part of your cheekbones to emphasize them and create a slim contour of the face.

The trademark lips of the Victoria Secret Angels is definitely soft, puffy lips. The makeup artist of the show uses pink lip gloss which adds volume to them, special shiny particles for lips, beige lipstick for a warm look and, of course, a lip moisturizer. Do not underestimate the moisturizing aspect since no amount of lip gloss or lipstick can hide the rough, unhealthy surface. The result of the combination of those four products is beautiful, sexy lips with color and volume.

Regarding hair, we all know the classic Victoria Secret look: enchanting curls and waves that bounce while they are walking down the catwalk. The hairstylists need to make them flexible and durable. Start with clean and blow-dried hair. Afterwards, curl it with a curling tong with a diameter of 2,5 cm (one inch). Curl in the direction towards the face. Prior to the actual styling, it is best to apply a leave-in conditioner or a product to keep the hair soft and beautiful. Leave the curls in a twisted form with clips for some time. The last step is a drop or two of serum to leave some bounce and volume in the ends.

Try these steps and you won’t make a mistake for your New Years appearance!

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