Party Look


My favorite party hairstyle is the top volume and the flat sides. The main reason is that this hairstyle makes my face look sexy and mysterious. It also elongates my face and makes me look slimmer at the pictures. Honestly, I can’t think of a single flaw of this hairstyle, except the combing of the hair afterwards, but this is part of the game when you want to look good.

Now I will show you how to look great with the top volume hairstyle. Just follow the steps one by one and you will handle the hairstyle perfectly all by yourself.

  1. As I already mentioned, the hair has to be flat, straight, which means that you are going to need the flat iron and some thermal protector. The heat is the worst enemy of the hair health, so you should apply that thin protective layer of the product between the hair and the damaging claws of the flat iron.
  2. Layer the hair and straighten each of the layers one by one.
  3. Then separate only the top section of the hair – from the forehead to the crown twist.
  4. Separate a small section of hair from the front and roll it. Clip it aside for later. You will need this strand of hair to cover the mess of the volume.
  5. Then back comb the rest of the top section and apply a lot of hair spray. Let it dry and fix the volume, then use the teasing comb to smooth and shape the volume to the back.
  6. Take that small section of hair that you have separated earlier and cover the tangled volume with it.
  7. Apply again hair spray and pin the volume to the back of the head with bobby pins.

All done! Now you can enjoy your sexy, party look. Celebrate it with a night out with the girls. Have fun!

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