Patriotic Look


It’s not 4th of July, I know that, but can’t we express our patriotic feeling wherever we want? In fact, if you are expressing your patriotism only one day of the year, I will say that you are a fake patriot. The patriotism is a way of life, either you truly love your country, or you don’t. There is nothing wrong in the fact that you can’t feel the patriotic feeling, it is OK. I think that every person is a citizen of the world and some of us are lucky enough the be born in the place that they already feel like home, but some other people feel the need to search new opportunities until they find what they need in the life. My only request is to stop faking a behavior only because the society expects it from you. Just be yourself.

So, I’ve got a little bit distracted from the main topic, I wanted to share with you, which is a nail decoration. As I was saying – express your strong patriotic feeling during the whole year, not only at 4th of July. Down below you will find a beautiful, artistic American flag decoration. It looks like a modern picture of Salvador Dali to me. Take a look at the tutorial and decide if it is good enough for you. Here we go:

  • File the nails in order to be even and in proper shape. Choose the oval or almond shape according to the length of your nails, but don’t choose the square shape of nails, because the decoration is curvy, soft and oval and the square nail art will be a bigger contrast to the curvy lines of the decoration.
  • Then apply a base coat and a base color, which is the white nail polish.
  • After these layers are dry, you can continue with the drawing.
  • You will need a thin drawing brush and dotting tool. Apply the blue color, then the red stripes. Fill in the blue color with white dots and decorate the nails with star-studs.
  • Lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.