Soft & Kissable Lips


It is extremely important to take care of your appearance, otherwise, you will risk it to be ignored and rejected. I’m not talking about a boyfriend, I’m talking about society at all. It is not right, but it is a fact – the appearance of a person is very important for his/her success. Don’t argue, just admit it. It has always been easier for beautiful people to achieve what they want. But a good appearance is not about the symmetrical facial features, it is about how well you take care of your body health, skin condition and intelligence. I’m sorry that I’m putting the intelligence at the end, but that’s when people see  how smart you are – at the end. At first, they only see how expensive your shoes are and how well  your makeup is applied. We live in a superficial world, where your perfect vision is your key to almost everything you want to achieve.

Well, this article went too serious for the mood of this topic, so, to sum up: we have to look beautiful if we want to show our intelligence in front of other people. Let’s start to take care of our good looking appearance with a tutorial for applying a gorgeous lipstick design. Take a look:

After all these words about the importance of the appearance you will wonder why I am starting with the lips. I prefer to start with the lips, because of the focus. When you talk with people they look the most at your mouth and then in your eyes. If you have cracked skin or ugly applied lipstick, this will be placed in the Cons category in the list.

In order to prevent such a bad opinion you have to take care of your lips. First of all, prepare the canvas for the painting – exfoliate the lips with a lip scrub.

Then  apply primer. 

Contour the lips with a pencil.

Top them with a lipstick.

Merge the colors together. 

Enjoy! Stay confident and secure – you are beautiful!