Super Easy Diet Tips You Must Try


There are people who are constantly on a diet. They starve and they forget about everything and start eating whatever they could find. Other people try a new diet and when they do not see the results in a week they just give up and think that diets do not work for them. The truth is that both of these methods are wrong. You won’t lose any weight, or if you do, you will gain it back in a few weeks. The good news is that when you find the right diet for you, you will not only lose weight but you won’t gain it back. Here are our top tips for you should try when you are on a diet.

1 Brush up your teeth

The interesting thing is that this trick actually works. Many people say that if they do not have dinner and their last meal for the day is their lunch, they not only lose weight but also feel good and energetic. However, most of the people love eating dinner and they tend only to have this meal. Here is how to fight this urge to eat in the evenings. Just brush up your teeth. It is that simple. When you have brushed your teeth this is some kind of a signal to the body that it won’t be eating any more. Try it and you will see it works like a charm. And your dentist will be grateful to you.

2 Eat slowly with breaks

Imagine that you are in the middle of having your meal which is absolutely delicious and you cannot wait to eat it, your phone rings or someone wants to talk to you urgently. You probably have experienced such situations. When you go back to the table you somehow have lost your appetite and you feel full already even though you have not finished with your meal. When this happens, you realize that you are already full and you do not need the rest of your meal which will only pile up on your hips and belly. So when you are in the middle of eating and you feel you could eat more, just stop for a few minutes, go wash your hands or talk to a member of your family. This way you will eat less and will still be full. Isn’t it amazing?

3 Drink water

When I was little my grandma always told me not to drink water before I eat because I was going to spoil my supper. Yes, she was right, but if you want to lose weight do not listen to her advice. Before you start eating your meal, drink some water, like one or two glasses. Then wait for ten minutes and you will see how it works. Your stomach felt already full and it won’t need a lot of food, if it needs any at all. Drinking a lot of water is good for you. It will help you not only with handling your appetite, but it will keep your skin young and fresh.

4 Forget about soda

Literary forgets that soda exists. It is so unhealthy and full of empty calories. This is actually the easiest thing you could do if you want to lose weight. If you are used to drinking it then I suggest you substitute it with another drink – water. You can also drink freshly squeezed juices with lemon and orange. It will make you feel much more energetic and will give you a number of vitamins your body needs. You will actually realize that your belly does not need all the irritating bubbles in it and it will be grateful to you.

5 Go for a walk

After having a rich lunch or dinner people rarely would want to burn all those calories. They instead would want to lie down in their bed and take a nap. If you are one of those people you should fight your instinct for laziness after meal and go for a walk. This will be like an easy exercise for you. You will walk down your full stomach and you will lose some calories.

6 Color your plate

Not literary, of course. You should color your plate with all the different kinds of foods you can think of – green vegetables like cucumbers and leafy ones, red meat and tomatoes, yellow bananas and lemons. The diversity will not only make you feel full faster than normal, but will also provide everything your body needs – vitamins, minerals and a good amount of energy.

7 Stick to the border

When you are in the grocery store, avoiding the isles offering temptations, like chocolates and ready-to-cook foods. When you do not see things that may lead you into temptation, then you won’t buy them. Another golden rule is not to go food shopping when you are starving because you would want to eat everything and you would buy more food that you can actually eat. On the other hand, if you go after you have had your meal, then you are perfectly safe and you would buy less then you wanted in the first place. A small trick, but it does the job.