The Classical Smoky Makeup


If you are a beginner at the makeup application, you have to learn a few basic makeup designs, because they are the base on which you will upgrade your skills. They are:

  • Cat-eye liner;

  • And smoky eye makeup design.

The classical smoky eye makeup design is all black, but when you learn how to make it properly, you will be able to improvise with other colors or you will be capable of adjusting the technique to other designs.

But now, let me show you the step-by-step tutorial, which will teach you how to make the smoky lids.

  1. The first rule that you must remember is to apply primer to the lids before the application of the makeup. Even your liner needs primer. The primer is a product that absorbs the skin oils of the lids, which usually are the main victims of the smudging at the crease of the lids. When you apply the primer, wait a few seconds before the application of the color.
  2. Then apply kohl pencil all around the eyes. Cover the top lash and the bottom waterline. Draw the top line thicker at the outer corner. Don’t draw a cat-eye flick, you will do that with the brush afterwards.
  3. Then spread the color up to the crease and create a V shape at the outer corner of the eyes. Use a smaller smudging brush to soften the bottom black line.
  4. Then highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Now cover the lid, up to the crease with a black eye shadow. You can choose a matte one or a pearl one, according to the situation. Then spread the color with round, blending brush. Make it to fade away.
  6. Last touches of the bottom lash line and then finish the look with black liner and coat of mascara.