The Way You Sleep Together Says a Lot About Your Relationship


This article is for those who have doubts in their relationships. It is also for couples that lives in together. It’s about the sleep. Psychologists shares with us the secrets of the sleeping positions with your partner. You might think that your relationship is great, because you don’t fight, because you are always polite to each other and the days go by without any trouble. But in fact, the trouble is out there, and you can tell that there is something wrong with the relationship. Maybe the day is going well for you, but your conscious knows better and the positions of your sleep reveals the problems in your sleep.

If you are sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, back to back, it means that there is a huge abyss between you two. This rule applies only if this is a regular thing. If it happened just one time it simply means that you two need a good sleep for over a night because you are too tired. But the regular distant sleeping is something that you have to talk about. There is something that bothers you or you feel like strangers to each other. Talk it out and everything will be fine.

When you turn many times in various positions, but without touching each other is a sign of imbalanced relationship. One of you needs space and the other needs intimacy. Again, talk about it and if you are not feeling comfortable with the others desires, finish it up or work it through. The compromise is the best friend of healthy relationship.

A woman has to count on her man, but it’s not healthy to be dependent on the man. That kind of relationship shows the sleep position of man on his back and the woman on his shoulder, on her back too.
A deep, hidden problem in the relationship can cause a face to face sleep, but without touching. This kind of sleep position is one to be concerned about. There might be some secrets rolling around the house. You’d better talk to each other before anyone gets hurt.

How to tell if the relationship is new? He is on his back and his lady is lying on his chest. This relationship is innocent and new. We hope it won’t reach the stage of back to back distant sleep.

The healthy knot. You are falling asleep face to face, twisted legs, holding each other in a hug. Be calm, because your relationship is calm, you are feeling free and independent, but yet you are intimate and loving. The sexual activity is your strong weapon. You might untangle during the night, but the point is that your main attempt is to be close to each other every possible minute. That’s pure love.

The male spoon. When the woman is holding the man, while he is back to her, it means that he needs love and tender care. She is now doing her job well if he is feeling vulnerable.

The female spoon. When he is holding her while she sleeps back to him, means that she is calm enough about his protection and he is loving and protective about her.

Back to back not always means that the things are going bad in the relationship. Back to back, but touching sleeping position means that you are comfortable, intimate and relaxed with each other.

The next time you wake up next to your partner, try to notice the way you were sleeping and find yourself in which group you fall, according to this list of sleeping positions and their meanings for the relationship.