Tricks For Having Flawless Skin

Perfect skin

Everybody wants good skin but unfortunately not all of us have it. Even if we have some flaws on our skin we can hide them with makeup. But it will be great if our skin is flawless and we don’t have to worry if somebody sees us without are makeup on.

So, what are the things we can do to help our skin stay healthy?

Most of the things that effect our skin in a negative way are the things we eat. So be careful!

Every person is different, so their bodies react to certain foods in different way. You should avoid such food that gives you headache, digestive discomfort, or joint pain. Such foods could be corn, beans, soy, too much raw food. You probably are too sensitive to that kind of food, so avoid eating it or at least try to eat less of it.

Avoid proxidants. These are fats that have the opposite effect of antioxidants. They are found in sunflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil and any other seed oils. If you consume oil then choose olive oil or coconut oil. An interesting fact is that coconut oil is good for the hair as well.

Milk & Sugar

If you are not allergic to milk (or not afraid of it like the famous detective Monk), drink it regularly,  in raw condition if it is not a problem for you. Sugar, from fruit juice like oringe one, also has the same clearing effect on the skin.

Eat regularly

If you skip meals you can get a shaky feeling. This is because your body reacts, it searches in your reserves for energy. You may think that this is good because you are losing weight but this is very stressful for your skin, it causes skin issues and the release of added toxins to the body. It is for your own good not to skip meals.


Try not to overwork. At least one day a week do not work at all and fully relax. You can go to spa, a massage, a walk in the park, yoga. Let your body relax as well as your mind.

Stay to the organic side

If you are not one of those people that are all about organic stuff, try to change that a little. Organic food is good for your skin, it is not full of toxins. Eat foods that are good for the liver like chicken liver, artichoke, beets. Also you can try using non-toxic personal hygeine products.

Start early

Do not think that if this stage of your life is not stressful you can get away with eating unhealthy products or not getting enough sleeep. Start before the problem arises. Have your beauty sleep. This  is from 7 to 8 hours, not more.

Eating healthy, getting enough sleep and using the right products for your skin will help you be flawless as your personality, of course.