Unexpected Things Men Love About You


From our female point of view, guys are often aliens, coming from a different planet, with their interesting likes and dislikes, their strange points of view, their crazy motivations and actions. Still, we can’t live with them, but can’t live without them, so we try to cope with everything they offer us. They can always surprise us with something interesting and funny, especially when they fall in love. While you are worried and want to hide little flaws or signs that you actually spend some time to achieve your best look, guys actually are enchanted by interesting, weird things. They see something specific in you and fall for it. The best part is that those are things that you do not need to work too much: you probably already have them:

Hoodies and Dress Shirts: Sporty clothes may not be the most flattering, but they make you look cute and cosy. They create an image of a somewhat good girl that is reliable and can be a good girlfriend, maybe? However, guys hate it when you steal their pieces of clothing: after all, they bought them for a reason!

Wet Hair: You may spend hours and hours to create the perfect waves or sleek hairstyle, because you believe that is your best possible look. However, the weird thing is that guys actually find it sexy, so do not run for the blow-dryer next time you go out of the shower.

Breathing on His Neck: Maybe you know how this little trick can make him go crazy, or maybe not. Some people may find it annoying and think that it makes it impossible to fall asleep, but the truth is most guys find a certain pleasure in it. Do not overdo it, just do not stop yourself once you find yourself facing his neck.

Cuddling: Yes, you may think all guys are interested is actual sex; however, once they really feel you close, they enjoy cuddling. It takes intimacy to a whole new level and also makes the guy trust you in a way.

Your Giggling: You may think your laugh is the weirdest, most annoying sound in the world and be rather embarrassed by it than proud. However, guys love hearing you laugh because it either means they have a good sense of humor (which flatters them) or shows that you are happy around them. Girls’ giggles can be cute and can totally capture a guy!

Checking him out: Yes, guys like compliments and like to be flattered. And when you demonstratively check him out, he might even blush!

Biting Your Lip: This is the oldest trick  in the book: if you want to convince a guy to do something, bite your lower lip and look at him seductively.

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