What Happens to Your Body When You Stop the Soda


You know and you heard that soda is bad for your health and body. But do you know exactly what happens when you stop drinking it. Not only that you will lose weight, but the functions of your body organs will increase their work and your body will feel better in many situations. Take a look at the reactions that happens to the body after you stop consuming soda drinks:

  • If you were having some hard time with the migraines, now, when the soda is off the list of daily drinks, you will notice that your head is feeling way much better than before. And the lack of migraine will improve your ability to concentrate and do your tasks with sharpened focus. The explanation is all about the chemicals in the brain that are activated by the soda. This gives you headaches and the headaches lead to poor level of concentration.
  • Your taste senses will get stronger and more precise. You will be able to enjoy the food by sensing all its flavors, which means that you will enjoy the food better, like never before. The artificial sweeteners in the soda mess up with your taste buds. The aspartame in the soda ranks 200 hundred times sweeter than a single tablespoon of sugar. The damage is made by the fact that this overwhelming of sugar forces you to want more sugar, it doesn’t satisfy your cravings.
  • Soon after you stopped drinking soda, you will find out that the jeans are a little bit loose and the numbers of your weight are a little bit lower. So, stay dedicated to the cause and you will lose even more weight after a few more weeks.
  • Your bones will strengthen. Different studies show that the daily soda intake increase the chance of hip fracture and the people who drank cola had lower bone mineral density in their hips. The reason is not quite clear, but the results are – the soda weakens your bones.
  • Another thing that you will notice is your whole attitude about food. You will start to choose your meals more wisely, less calories and rich in nutrients, vitamins, fiber and minerals. For instance, you will stop eating burgers, because they just doesn’t taste the same way as they do when you drink cola, but since the cola is off the list, you will reduce the eating of burgers too. These little choices will create a habit of choosing better food, which will lead to improved healthy life.
  • It is logical to assume that the chance of getting diabetes decreases a lot, because you will reduce a huge amount of sugar intake only by cutting the soda out of your daily meals.
  • The function of the kidney will improve, because your body doesn’t have to deal with unpronounceable ingredient in the soda and the kidneys will work the way they are supposed to do – clearing toxins, stabilizing blood pressure and absorbing minerals.

So, to sum up – don’t drink soda and you will feel better and look better.