What Kind of Jewelry to Wear This Summer


Every season is beautiful and one way to celebrate it is by dressing in the most appropriate and chic way for each season. One way we can celebrate it as well is by our accessories. We should not forget about them. Every season offers us a lot of interesting and specific accessory trends which we should not neglect if we want to feel good about our outfits and especially when we want to attract someone’s attention (believe me, you can do this only by wearing the right accessories). Are you ready to find out which this year’s jewelry trends are? Here they are!

Body jewelry

It is no secret that in the summer people wear clothes with less fabric. This is not only because the temperatures are high enough, but also because showing off some skin is sexy. Here is how to make our showing through the clothes skin even sexier – by putting on some piece of body jewelry. Rihanna was one of the first ones to set an example by wearing body jewelries that are great both for the beach and the night clubs. If you have great waistline which you want to show off, wear a cropped top so that your belly can be seen and put on a belly chain around your waist.

If you have some issues with your waistline, but you still want to have a piece of body jewelry, try with one of the other types. The first one covers both your shoulders and your neck. It can remind you a bit of chain mail, but it is more modern than you think. This jewelry is a big necklace that reaches your breasts almost. And that part which covers your shoulders is made of four to five chains which are connected to the necklace. There, of course, can be some stones and sparkles to make the jewelry even chicer.


Bracelets are absolutely traditional when it comes to summer jewelries. If you are tired of the old bracelets that people put around their wrists, you can wear another type of bracelet – one that you put between your elbow and your shoulder. These types of bracelets are one of the number one this season. You can have them in different colors, or lengths. Some bracelets have small stones, while others are only chain bracelets. Others look like an ordinary wrist bracelet, but they are just bigger. You can choose the one that you like the most and you will be rocking it both on the beach or downtown.

Bracelet and ring combined

As mentioned above, bracelets are a huge hit in the summer. That is why there is another bracelet tendency that will be popular this summer – bracelet and ring connected with a chain. This interesting combination was popular years ago, but now it is back in the game. It is very comfortable, because you in a way are wearing a ring and a bracelet, and you can hardly lose the ring, of course, that is if the chain does not break down. The ring is usually worn on the middle finger or the ring finger. If you want, you can put the ring on some of the other finger, wherever it is more comfortable to you.


A bracelet on the ankle is another jewelry trend that become popular years ago. Some of the women even admit that they cannot wait to put on some shorts and sandals, only because they want their anklets to be seen. There are some anklets that are just chains, or other that are with stones, rings, or letters. There are a lot you can find, there are even some that are with leather or other kind of fabric, that looks like a small scarf for the ankle. If you are wearing this, you will be both fashionable and original, something that is very hard to do nowadays.

Ocean accessories

The ocean jewelries and accessories are the best statement jewelries for the summer, especially if you cannot wait for your vacation and to lie all day long on the beach. Ocean jewelries are ones that have pendants made in the shape of a starfish, mussel, shell, dolphin, etc. There is no other accessory that can remind you of the beach and the ocean better than these pendants. You can also wear jewelries in blue – the color of the ocean and the summer sky. As for the other colors, gold is another very popular summer color, because of the strong summer sun and the golden sands on the beach. Ocean pendants are great for all types of jewelries: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings.