5 Reasons Why Living at Home While You Are Studying is Not So Bad


Many students cannot wait to graduate from high school only because they want to leave home. The taste of the sweet and careless days of college will be ahead of them and most importantly, they will be finally out of their parents’ reach. However, a new tendency begins to appear. Some of the college students do not have enough money to go to college, especially in another city or town, so they have to stay at home with their parents. And now you probably think that you would want to start pulling your hair and would give a scream of desperation. You are going to be surprised, but there actually are some advantages in, living at home when you are a college student. Here are the top reasons why you should stay at home when other students prefer the campus.

1 Save money

When you think of all the advantages you can have when you live with your parents, the first one that comes to everybody’s mind is saving money. You are not spending money on renting a room or a flat. You will also not spend money on having diners at restaurants. If you are lucky and your parents are into cooking then you could have the privilege of being treated like the time before when you were still at high school students. Remember that the other college students cannot say the same thing for themselves. You can also save money by not buying your own car just yet, you could borrow your parent’s one. You can help your parents also by splitting the money for fuel between you and them equally.

2 Slower transition from childhood

When you leave home for college this is like an alarm for you or your parents that you are already an adult, you are going to live on your own, you are going to do your laundry and cooking and you are going to be one way or another an adult. It is like just in one moment you grow up. If, however, you continue living with your parents while you are in college, this transition from childhood to adulthood will be definitely more slowly taking place. It won’t be such a big shock for you and your parents. Even though most students feel like they cannot wait for leaving home, some time sooner or later they realize that it was far more difficult than they have imagined. It is not so bad to feel like a little boy or a girl for some more time after all.

3 You can still socialize

When students go to campuses, they have a lot of opportunities to meet new people and to make a lot of new acquaintances for a life time. However, students who stay at home have the same opportunity. Just because they do not live with a flat full of other young people that does not mean they could not have the same acquaintances. There are a lot of ways you could do this. The first rule is that you should not be shy. Start chatting with people in your courses, have a coffee after the classes with them. You will see how fun and interesting could be the other people. You can also get to meet some students who live in a campus. Befriend some of them and they will invite you to all of their wild parties. This way you won’t feel like you are missing anything from college life.

4 Study benefits

When you have exams and you have so much to study that you won’t be even able to go to the store to buy food, your parents will be there to give you a hand. They won’t bother you to do any chores when you have to study and will also go to the store and buy you food so you cannot die of hunger. Another advantage is that you won’t get any distractions from them. If they work all day long, the apartment will be dedicated to your entire needs. You won’t get any of the distractions that happen in the campus. Some of the students won’t have exams on the same day, so they could be throwing a party, and you can be sure that the loud music won’t be in your favor when you try to remember important facts or years.

5 You can help your parents

Since you are staying at home, you could be of some help to your parents. You can help your mother by doing some of the dishes or doing the cooking some days of the week. You can also start some part time job, the money from which will be entirely for you, so you can relief your parents for giving you allowances. They will pay all the bills, so you could be a great help to one another. And your mom won’t be so worried about you where you go and when you are going to come back.