Proper Application of a Lipstick 


Don’t think that the simple-looking things are the easiest ones. Sometimes even the application of a lipstick could be a tricky business, especially when you have beautiful and precisely defined cupid’s bow. So, let me show you this extra easy trick for applying your favorite lipstick. Take a look:

  • It’s all about the X. Use lip pencil, which is the very same color as the lipstick. Start drawing a line from the highest peak of the top lips and make that line straight and diagonal. Make the very same thing with the other side of the cupid’s bow.
  • Then continue with the contouring of the lip borders.
  • Now apply the lipstick. Use a lip wand and apply the lipstick on the top lip at the angle of the X that you’ve just created with the lip pencil.
  • Cover the bottom lips too with the lipstick and now your lips are perfectly defined! Enjoy them.
  • There is another great trick that I rely on every time when I apply dark lipstick on my lips. You know how annoying it is to apply the dark red lipstick and to discover little smudges or lines around the lips, right? Well, there is one really easy solution to this problem. Apply concealer or foundation all around the borders of the lips. That trick will both hide the imperfections of the dark lipstick and also will make the lips pop up even more. The effect is stunning and flawless, I adore it.
  • If you claim to be a girl who take good care of her appearance, you should know all the clever tricks for arranging nice makeup without going on a makeup class and getting a degree out of it.
  • Just be curious and search for different ideas, which will work as helpers for your perfect look. You can store those tutorials in folders and when you feel that you’ve just fallen in art crisis, you can browse through them and get inspired for your new project or just to make a new design for that great party tonight. The knowledge of makeup trick will be handy always, use it!