Makeup Technique for Sassy Lips

sassy lips

Sometimes you don’t feel that using just a lip gloss is enough for your lips enhancing.

Sometimes you need to make the things a little bit more sophisticated. But if you want to pay more attention to your lips, you have to keep the eyes more nude and natural in order to keep the balance. Before we move to the lips I want to suggest you a makeup design for the eyes:

Apply a primer on the lids (this one is perfect) and then eye shadow that is just one shade darker than your skin complexion. Then you can draw an eyeliner, if the color of your eyes allows it, you’d better choose a brown eye pencil, it will soften the makeup and make you look really natural. The mascara coat is a must-do step.

For your skin you’d better apply just a BB cream, which will even out the skin complexion and if you want to hide something bigger than a blackheads you can use a concealer for that purpose.

The eyes and the skin are done and we can move to the lips – our main task. How about the contouring makeup technique? I’m sure that you are familiar with it and the rules are pretty clear for you:

  1. First of all, before the application of any kind of product on your lips, you should analyze their condition. If the lips are dry and cracked, you have to take good care of them – exfoliating procedure. Use a lip scrub to remove any dry cuticles and then moisturize the skin of the lips with petroleum jelly or simple lip balm. Then you are ready to make your lips sassy enough to amaze everyone.
  2. For that purpose you will need black lip pencil, the same color lipstick and transparent lip gloss.
  3. Contour the lips with the brown pencil – line the borders of the lips and fill in the corners of the mouth, also make some lines to create a 3D look of the lips (check here on how to make your lips look fuller).
  4. Then apply the lipstick and finish the whole look with a lip gloss if you are not satisfied with the matte effect.