Flower Fancy Bun

Flower bun

You know that there is a huge amount of different hairstyles and the time of the universe won’t be enough to try them all.

At least you can start trying different and new things to boost up the casual routine with interesting, sophisticated, extraordinary, elegant, casual and fancy hairstyles for any occasion you have.

The trick is to know what to wear when and how to match a certain hairstyle with a certain outfit. For instance: you have that cocktail party coming up and usually the cocktail parties are really fancy and elegant. You can’t attend this meeting with beach waves and jeans. You have to put effort in your look in order to impress whoever you want.

Elegant dress and high chignon will do the work, but if you find this tight and conservative chignon boring, you are allowed to make it a little bit extravagant – make it like a flower.

Here is how to maje the fancy bun:

  • Comb your hair neatly and tie it into a high ponytail. If you have bangs, you can leave it outside of the ponytail. It will be easier for you to work if your hair isn’t freshly washed. Or, you can use a stylizing mousse to deal easier with the flying hairs.
  • To your hair is tied and the ponytail is combed. Now divide it into three equal parts. Take the first one, tease it to create some volume and roll it down to the base of the ponytail. Roll to the front and secure with bobby pins into the tied hair.
  • Do the same technique with the second section of the ponytail.
  • And the last section you have to roll down to the other direction.
  • Once the parts are rolled and secured you have to spread them, gently pull the sections of the rolls outside with your hands.
  • Straighten the bangs and spritz the whole hairstyle with a hair spray.