Create Beautiful Beach Waves With Hair Straightener

Wavy hair

Did you know that hair straighteners are not only used for straightening hair (even though their name suggests it)?

You can make beautiful waves with it. Here is how to create beautiful beach waves which to look natural and casually glamorous.

You will only need a hair straightener (of course), heat protecting spray, a comb, and come hair clips.

Begin by combing your hair. Divide it first in two parts. Leave the section of the hair below your ears loose and secure the rest of it with hair clips on your crown.

  • Take a small lock of hair and apply the heat protecting spray on it. Remember to do that on every lock of hair.
  • Go through the lock with the comb.
  • Take the hair straightener and wrap the lock around it (under and around the barrel). Do not wrap the lock all the way through , leave the end to stick a little bit out of the hair straightener.
  • While in this position, pull the hair straightener slowly. That way you will create a beautiful wave without to wait for it, as, for example, with a hair curler.
  • When you reach the end of the lock, make it straight if you want your hairstyle to be messier. Be careful not to curl the ends as well but if you accidentally do it, just go through the curled parts with the straightener and make them straight again.
  • Repeat the same process to all of the locks below your ears.
  • When you are ready with them you can start with the locks on the crown, but remember they have to be less curly than the first curls you have created. And again make the ends straight.
  • The one thing that is different about the crown, however, is the area around the face and the crown. With the crown you should not start curling your hair from the roots, so that you can achieve this messy-looking hair. As for the area around the face, make the “mool gyul waves”. They are very simple but look natural around the face. Just turn the hair straightener under 180, pull it down. Stop for a while and now turn the straightener up 180, again pull down and stop, repeat it till the end of the lock.

And that is it. It may sound a little difficult but it is actually very easy. Enjoy your messy beach waves!