Tips for Hair Issues



Many girls, many problems. And the problems come bigger and a lot more when we start to talk about our hair. We deal with split ends, oily roots, lack of colors, dry hair and so on. The problem is that we want to look flawless all day, when we get out of the bad, to the moment when we go back to sleep. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Often you wake up with greasy roots or tangled hair, which couldn’t be combed, because your hair is too curly, or the volume is all gone. As I count on you these problems I started to feel my hair extremely ugly right now, so, let’s start the talking about the solutions and the tricks. See how to deal with the most common hair issues:

  • The problem with the oily hair is the easiest one to deal with. You have two options here: to wash your hair often than your friends do, or to use dry shampoo in order to reduce the number of hair washings. I prefer the washing, but not just any type of washing. Consult with your dermatologist and search for shampoo which is healing your scalp, not your hair. Because the oily hair often is caused by oily skin of the scalp. These specially designed products for oily scalp, are dealing with the oils and dirt, without harming the natural shine of the hair, which makes it look glowing and smooth. With oil-free roots you will enjoy also the volume of your hair.
  • From the oily roots, we move to the opposite problem – dry straw-like texture of the hair. This hair needs to be moisturized properly, which leads to the application of hair masks which will lock the most in the hairs.
  • Flying hairs or as I call them – Flyaways. This problem appears most when you wear winter scarfs and hats. The solution is easy – spritz a clean toothbrush with a little bit of hairspray and comb the flying areas with the toothbrush, then spritz the whole hair with the hairspray. Remember to do it from a long distance in order to prevent any sticky and straw-like strands.
  • Fine hairs all around your face. It’s not the prettiest picture when you try to achieve a sleek ponytail. These fine hairs around your face are caused by the constant pulling of a tight ponytail, treatments with hair color dye, curling or straightening iron and sun exposure. The solution of this problem is to reduce the damaging treatments and to apply hair masks and thermal protector before you use any of your irons or curling wands.
  • Split ends. Well, the best way to deal with split ends is just to cut the damaged layer or line of hair and then treat it in a way to prevent any split ends.
  • Flat, no volume hair. Often that hair is long and too heavy to keep the volume up and fluffy enough to enjoy it. You can make a haircut with a few layers and also, blow-dry your hair with a round brush. This little trick should lift up the hair without the need of the back-combing technique.
  • Bad relationship with the curls. Some girls have to deal with hairs that can’t hold a single curl. The best solution is to use really strong stylizing mousse before the curling procedure. Also, make sure that your hair is freshly washed.