How to cover up a bad haircut

problems with haircut how to solve

Having to deal with a bad haircut is a problem that most of us had to deal with at some point of their lives. Even celebrities have experienced the wrath of the scissors and bad hairdressers.

Sometimes you may take a risk with a haircut, because you never know whether this would be the next amazing new trend that everybody would just die to have. But sometimes, it is just a disaster, so we need to know how to cover up a bad hairstyle until our hair grows back. Here are some of the new tricks that can help you with it.

Do not try to fix the problem yourself

When people get back home from the hairdresser’s and they look themselves in the mirror and they find out that the hairstyle is even worse than what they had expected, people’s first reaction, after the rage and the need to yell at the hairdresser, is to start fixing the hair themselves.

This, however, is not such a good idea because you can make the situation worse. Especially if you try to cut your hair shorter, just do not do it, this is the first and most important rule. If you can’t do something with your hair, get some of your hair products, like hair gel, hair mousse, even flat iron. The effect of these tools can easily be washed away, while the scissors effect will remain. So, no scissors!

Do not forget the curls

If you are not one of those people who love curly hair and do not use a curling iron, then you should definitely think twice. One of the best ways to hide a bad hairdo both from the others and yourself is to make some curls in your hair. This way you won’t see where the hair ends and what exactly in the haircut. You will make some volume and you will feel like you can beat the hair.

So, if you still do not have a curling iron, it is time to invest in one. And if you do not want to use heat on your hair because it will make it weaker, then try with other methods that are heat-free. You can use curlers, or you can braid your hair when it is wet. These tricks work like a charm.

Make some… volume!

Having volume in one’s hair is almost everyone’s desire. That is why they are so many hair brands that create products for more hair volume. If you have some hair problem, the easiest way to cover it up is by adding some volume.

When you want to grow your bangs, but they are constantly preventing you from actually seeing, you can lift them up. Put a few curlers there when you go to sleep and when you wake up you will have better-looking bangs.

You can use this trick for the rest of your hair. There is also another way to have volume in your hair, by teasing it. Many people prefer to avoid this technique because it is not very good for the hair, but one or two times won’t hurt anybody.


One of the first thoughts in one’s mind when it comes up to hiding a bad haircut is to start wearing hats. And not only hats, you can wear every other hair accessory you can think of, like hairpins, head scarfs, head jewelries. Some people are not very fond of hats because after you take the hat off, their hair looks slick together, definitely not in a good way.

Sometimes when a person wears a hat too long, in the winter especially, their hair gets greasy faster because the heat that comes up from the head cannot get out and stays between the hat and the heat. And the result is a greasy hair.

If you do not want to have such problems, choose a hat made of natural fabrics, or just take it off from time to time, for ventilation.

Just do not reveal your mistake

You have probably read the fairytale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The emperor is fooled that he is wearing the best clothes in his kingdom, but he is actually naked, and everyone believes him that he is wearing fine garments.

You should be the same way with your bad haircut. Make everyone believe that this was your initial intention and that you actually love it. In the end all of your friends may make a beeline for your hairdresser to get the same haircut. Fake it till you make it. After all people believe something is beautiful and fashionable when they hear people repeating it, and not because their taste says so.

So, embrace your look, and be the next fashion icon the world knows!