Which Haircut is The Right One For Your Face Shape


There are some gorgeous haircuts which you want to try but some just don’t go well on you. They can make your face look bigger or smaller, sharper or longer, in other words, no matter how great is the haircut it just not the right one for you. The reason for that is your face shape. Long, round, or square, every face has its favourite type of haircut and if you still do not know yours, here it is:

Round face
Women with round faces, the one, for example, Emma Stone has, prefer to hide its roundness than to highlight it, so the right haircuts for them are the ones opposite to the shape of their face. If this is your type of face the haircuts you may try are:
-Asymmetrical haircut – add some layers to your hair. The shortest layer should never be above your earlobe. Blend the layers so you cannot tell where finishes the one and starts the other.
-Long hair – this hair will make your face look longer and not so round. It should go at least to your chin and longer.

Long face
On the other end of the line are women with long faces. If your face is a bit longer than it is wide then the right kind of haircuts for you are:
-Shoulder-length – somewhere between chin and shoulders is the right length for you, it should not be too long since you probably do not want your face to look even longer.
-Create volume – so to have a balance between your face and hair, you should create some volume. You can backcomb it a little or make beautiful beach waves.

Heart-shape face
If you are not sure you have this kind of face, check out some pictures of Reese Witherspoon, she has heart-shape face. The right haircuts for you are:
-Side-swept bangs – this will look really cool on your face because this kind of faces are wider on the top and need some balance which bangs give them.
-Shorter hair – it will soften your features and won’t make the wider part of your head so obvious.

Square face
These women are the luckiest because some of the most famous faces today are square ones, just like Megan Fox, sexy and strong. These faces characterize with angular jawline. The best haircuts for them are:
-Long and hair – it will soften your sharp angles. And the center part will draw the attention away from your jawline.
-Wavy ends – make waves from the ears down. They will also soften your face features and you will look very chic and stylish.