How To Choose The Right Haircut


Hair is an essential part of the woman‘s appearance and that‘s why we take so much care of it. We trim it, dye it, add layers or extensions just to make it look better even if it already looked perfect. Because women are so picky about their hair and they pay so much attention to it, choosing a new haircut is extremely hard. To help you off, I have collected so useful tips that will make you choose the right haircut fast and easy!

First it‘s best if you search for some inspiration – take some magazines, surf the Internet or watch some TV to find the thing that you like and the thing that you don‘t. This is important because if you go to the salon without a concept you will lose time and you won‘t be able to choose from the endless possibilities from hair-dresser will offer you. Of course, it will be best for you to listen to the professional because he will now better than you what can and cannot happen with your hair and will chose the right haircut for you!

Think about your face shape when getting a haircut. Search the Internet for types of face shapes first so you can figure out what‘s yours and then browse for haircuts that go well with this type of face shape. Of course, you can wait until you go to the hair salon and ask for yourself, but again, you will lose time and there‘s a chance that you walk out the door with something you don‘t particularly like.

If you have a super long hair and want a short bob haircut just because you saw Rihanna rocking it doesn‘t mean that you have to go and get your hair done immediately. I have done the mistake to go to the hair salon because I just saw someone on TV and after that walking around with a hair that doesn‘t even go well with my style or face. Let the idea sink at least 2 days and then go and get it done – impulsive decision haven‘t done anybody no good.

After your haircut is done, give it some time. Try styling it in different ways, find what works for you and what not and don‘t get panic attacks just because the new hairdo is much more different than the old one – hair grows and at some point in time you will again have the same hair you had before!