Beautiful Half Updo Hairstyle


The most important thing for some of the hairstyles I know are all about the preparation and the proper texture of the hair.

Sometimes even the color can play a huge role for the better look of the hairstyle. For instance, braided details look better on lighter hair. It is all about the colors. When the color of the hair is lighter, the shadows are more intense and the braids look well detailed, that’s why these decorations look better on blondes.

Another reason example for good combination between hairstyle and texture of hair is the twisted half updo and the straight hair. Take a look at the picture down below and you will see how great it looks to this combination. Follow the steps one by one:

  • If your hair is frizzy or wavy, you should make it straight with the flat iron. But remember to apply thermal protector first, otherwise you are risking to damage the hair badly.
  • Then you should check the roots, if they are greasy, apply dry shampoo to make the hair look clean and fresh again.
  • The preparing steps are highly important if you want to achieve the very same results. So, you’d better follow them strictly.
  • And now you can start the creating process. Brush the hair to the back and tease the inner layer of the top a little bit in order to create soft and fluffy volume.
  • Then take a strand from the temporal area of the hair and twist it. Pull out hairs to make it messy.
  • Cross over and secure with bobby pin.
  • Then take a strand from the other side of the head and twist again. Cross over and pin.
  • Do the same with one more pair of strands from the left and the right sides of the head.
  • Secure everything with bobby pins and hair spray.