Braided Awesome Chignon


Your hairstyle is highly important for the occasion when you want to impress your guests with a stunning look. 

I want to show you an elegant hairstyle that will blow your mind away – the Braided chignon. Keep in mind that this is a complex hairstyle, contained by many steps and you’d better rely on someone else to help you with this hairstyle, if the occasion is too formal and important for you. Down below you will find the steps, explained one by one and after the description, you will be able to see the steps in pictures. Take a look:

Firstly, let me list down the tools and products you are going to need:

  • Paddle brush;

  • Teasing comb;

  • Large clips;

  • Bobby pins;

  • Small elastic bands;

  • Hair spray;

  • Smoothing mousse. 

Check the condition of the hair first. Let’s start with the roots. If they are greasy, you’ll have to make the hair clean, because the greasy roots will ruin the whole look of the hairstyle. You can wash the hair, or you can use a dry shampoo, which will absorb the scalp oils. 

  1. It is recommended to have straight hair, or slightly wavy, but not strongly curly.
  2. Then part the hair in several sections: two thick strands from the sides – the areas around the ears. Clip them away with the large clips.
  3. Then tease the top with the teasing comb and make sure that you are spritzing the tease with a lot of hair spray in order to save the volume last longer. 
  4. Then part the back section in two equal parts – left and right. Tease these section too.
  5. All the teasing is needed in order to create thick-looking braid.
  6. When the fishbone braid is ready (if you don’t know how to fake a fishbone braid, check here), secure it with elastic band at the end.
  7. Then braid up the sides.
  8. Tuck the tail of the fishbone braid under.
  9. Wrap the side braids around the bottom of the chignon.
  10. Secure with bobby pins. 

All done!