How To Fake a Fishbone Braid


Not every girl has the skills of making braids. I’m one of those girls. But this doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t or can’t make a braided hairstyle. I can make a hairstyle which looks like it’s braided, but without actually making a single braiding technique – except for the traditional three-strand braid. Let me show you how to fake a Fishbone braid. It looks great and the hairstyle is elegant, feminine and absolutely appropriate for a fancy occasion, take a look:

There is a small inconvenience about the fake braid, you will need a lot of equipment:

  • Paddle brush

  • Teasing comb

  • Large clips

  • Bobby pins

  • Elastic bands

  • Stylizing mousse

Brush the hair to the back and separate two strands from the sides of the head – the areas around the ears. Clip them away with the large clips, otherwise they will bother you while you work with the rest of the hair.

Then tease the bangs area with the teasing comb. Set aside.

Divide the rest of the hair into two equal vertical sections – left and right.

Tease the whole length of the sides at the inner side of the sections – close to the path and the roots.

Then take the bangs area that you have separated earlier and divide it into two strands and cross them. Secure that cross with elastic band.

Then take another two strands – left and right, and cross them over the first elastic band.

You know the routine already, keep crossing and tying until you reach the end of the tail.

Remember that we left at the beginning two sections of hair with the large clips? We will use them now. Make regular braids out of those hair sections and secure them with elastic bands.

Now Take the tail of the large fake braid and tuck it under the base of the fake braid. Secure with bobby pins.

Then wrap the chignon with the side braids. Secure with bobby pins and order the flying hairs with a hair spray.

All done! Enjoy!