Fake Simple Braid


It is great to know how to make different types of braids, but not all girls are fluent in braiding skills. Don’t worry, there are many alternative ways to make ones hairstyle look like it is braided. For instance, I know two methods that are faking a braid: twist and ponytails. I will describe you both of the ways and you will be able to pick the one that you like better. Take a look:

  • I will start with the ponytails. The technique is quite simple, but you will have to be patient, because it is not so fast. So, the section of hair that you want to look like braid into a ponytail. Then tie the section of hair below the first ponytail into second ponytail. Use the first tail to wrap the bottom one – divide the top tail in to and connect it in front of the bottom one with a thin elastic band. You see that it is easy, but you will have to tie, divide and tie again until you reach the end of the tails.
  • The second method is faster. You can even see it in the picture, but let me explain it to you. The hair has to be clean and brushed perfectly. Brush it to the back and then sweep it in front of the right shoulder. Take two thick sections from the area behind the left ear. Twist them tightly. Then, when you make the other twist, add section of hair from above the twist. Keep up with this routine of twisting and adding hair until you reach the right side of the head. Secure it with hair band. Then pull out the strands a little bit in order to create volume and more braid-look of the decoration. You can roll the excessive hair tail into a bun or you can leave it like that into a low ponytail.

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