The Ponytail Trend

Casual ponytail

I recently read an article about the ponytails. They will be a huge trend this year among the hairstyle. There are a few types of hairstyles that you shouldn’t worry about, because they are in the list of the trends. Take a look:

Sleek ponytail. The mortal enemy of the sleek ponytail is the volume. When you create this type of ponytail, your main job is to pull the hair tight. Also, you will have to use a lot of strong stylizing mousse in order to prevent any flying hairs. Honestly, I can’t make a perfect sleek ponytail on my own hair, but when I make it on my sister’s hair, it becomes flawless. So, it will take a little bit of practice until you manage to do it by yourself.

One side ponytail

This one you can make both sleek and messy. It will look great both ways, but you will have to choose the proper occasions first. The sleek hairstyles always look neat, strict and elegant, while the messy hairstyles are more casual, romantic and joyful. Now you know how to match the one-side ponytail with the perfect occasion.

Recently I spoke to a friend of mine who is a man and he told me that he finds extremely attractive the ponytail hairstyles. He told me this: “If she looks great with a ponytail, then she will look great no matter how she stylize her hair.”

So, this inspired me to show you a one-side hairstyle which looks both feminine and adorable. Here’s how to make the perfect side ponytail:

  1. The hair must be perfectly clean. I know that I brag about the greasy roots a lot, but they can truly ruin the whole hairstyle, that’s why you have to remove the greasy roots if they are oily at all. I always recommend the dry shampoo because it works faster than the showering. Also, the application of the dry shampoo is easy – spritz it in the roots and brush until the powder disappears against with the oils.
  2. Then you will have to achieve the proper texture of the hair. If the natural texture of the hair is wavy – great, but if it is not, you will have to work on it. Use a curling iron, but first apply thermal protector in order to prevent any serious damage.
  3. You can apply a little bit of fixing mousse to the hair before you create the curly texture with the iron. The mousse will make the curls last longer.
  4. Then sweep the hair in front of one shoulder, but leave large section from the bangs area aside. We will work on it later.
  5. Then tie the hair into one-side ponytail. Wrap the hair band with a strand of hair.
  6. Take the bangs section of hair, twist a little bit to the inside and attach to the ponytail loosely. Secure with bobby pins.

All done! Keep improvising with beautiful ponytails, apparently, boys adore them!

High ponytail with the hidden hair band

This one is a little bit tricky, because you have to choose the perfect hair band, which can be hidden easily. You can make the ponytail high, middle or low, just choose the level you like the most.

Then brush it and tie it into a sleek ponytail. Apply stylizing mousse, straighten the tail with a flat iron and choose the hair band. It has to be plain, elastic, rubber or silicone and tight. Once the ponytail is knotted, take a strand from it and brush it. Wrap it around the hair band and make sure that it’s hidden under the hair. Secure the wrap with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.

Casual Ponytail for Long Hair

You have to take care of your hair, keep it healthy and strong. And once you have healthy and strong hair, you will be able to make different hairstyles with it.

There are trends among hairstyles as well as there are trends among clothes, makeup and nail designs. One of the huge trends among hairstyles is the ponytail. Don’t be so surprised, there are so many different ideas and designs of ponytails that are suitable for any kind of event.

If you want a formal hairstyle, you can make a sleek low ponytail.

For a party night, you can make a high ponytail with a voluminous bouffant at the bangs area.

You can choose a braided tail for more casual occasions.

The possibilities are endless, just unleash your imagination and use your long, strong and healthy hair to create the perfect ponytail.

Today I want to show you one idea for a decorated ponytail. No braids, no curls, no twist; you will need only elastic bands, a comb and some hair spray. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve the very same results. Let’s get started:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your hair is clean, or at least not greasy at the roots. If so, wash it or apply dry shampoo if there is no time for washing. Don’t neglect the front of the hairstyle only because your are decorating the back of it.
  • So, after the hair is oil-free, we can start doing the hairstyle. Comb the hair neatly to the back. Take the top section and tie it into a high ponytail with a thin elastic band.
  • Then tie the same ponytail in another two or three places, according to the length of your hair.
  • Then tie in the same way the hair below the top ponytail. Make a hole into the first ponytail and pull up the second one through that hole. Then tie again. Keep pulling and tying until you reach the end of the hair.

Your casual ponytail is done!

Beautiful Accent of Your Ponytail

People say that ponytails are boring and ordinary and they can’t work as fancy hairstyles, but my opinion is absolutely different. You can create amazing designs out of one simple ponytail. It’s the simplicity of the ponytail that make it so special, because you can use that simplicity and create a sophisticated hairstyle on the ponytail base, which means that you have endless possibilities to create the most amazing hairstyle.

You can combine different designs and techniques on the ponytail. Today I want to show you two techniques, which are combined with the ponytail. I’m sure you will like it, because the final result is stylish and feminine hairstyle. Take a look:

  • It will be better if your hair is freshly washed and perfectly combed to the back of the head, no part needed.
  • Apply smoothing mousse in order to order the flying hairs, we opt for sleek ponytail.
  • Separate a thick strand from the bangs area. Choose
  • Tie the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. Cover the tail with thermal protector and make a few loose waves with the curling iron. Don’t skip the thermal protector, because the end of the hair is the most delicate and fragile part and we all know that the heat have some serious damaging properties.
  • Hide the hair band with a strand of hair for the tail and secure it to the pack with a bobby pin.
  • Clip the bangs area that we left untied right above the hair band.
  • Roll the strand around your fingers, which must be placed horizontally. Secure with a bobby pin.
  • Turn the roll the other way, the hole must be placed vertically.
  • Divide that roll into two equal parts. Take a short strand from the tail and wrap it around the two halfs of the roll.
  • I’m sure that now you know what we are doing – a ribbon at the base of the ponytail.

Enjoy the look and I’m sure that now you forgot about the old thoughts that ponytails are boring.

Fluffy Ponytail

Your look must be humble and chic. Try to keep the things simple, elegantfluffy ponytail and some will say: boring. But there is nothing boring in an elegant hairstyle or soft curls. And as I said curls, how about a half updo and soft wavy hair. You can achieve this look with hair rolls or a large barrel curling iron. But if you use heat to make the curls, remember to apply thermal protector before the iron.

And then comes the fluffy ponytail – a great decision for a hairstyle when you will be busy attending the egg hunt. Just tie the hair into a high ponytail. Wrap the hair band with a strand to hide it (casual hairstyle can be stylish too) and tease the tail to make it look fluffy, your wild look will appeal to your friends.

Ponytail for Every Face Shape

There is a number of fashion classics that every girl needs to either own in her wardrobe or to be able to do them, even when under pressure: the little black dress, the leather jacket, the black pump heels, the smokey eye, the ballerina bun.

One of the most minimalistic, yet versatile hairstyle classics is indeed the ponytail. Some of you may raise an eyebrow in surprise and ask: “Isn’t it only appropriate for a workout at the gym?

Actually, no.

The sleek ponytail has become a stylish option for many formal events, nights out clubbing and even for the office. It is simple, easy to do and can save you time when you are in a hurry. It also makes you look pulled together and ready, when indeed you are a hot mess.

The ponytail hairstyle can flatter your face shape if it is done right. You need to do it according to your own personal looks, so take a look at which correspond to which!

Round face and a ponytail

For a round face you need to pull up the ponytail as high as possible. The extra height will elongate your face and make it appear slimmer. If you are not a fan of the top-of-the-head ponytail, you can always go on a lower level, but tease your hair at the crown part for an extra lift. Sweep your bangs to the side and create a low side part in order to balance the extra volume.

Square-shaped face and a ponytail

For a square-shaped face you need to do a soft style to make the angles less “edgy” since this face shape is characterized by a wide jaw and broad forehead. The ponytail should be loose with some volume at the crown. Surround your angular face with bangs or wispy, face-framing locks of hair.

Oval face and a ponytail

The oval face shape is maybe the one with the most balance in it: if you have it, you are lucky!

You can experiment with whatever style of ponytail you want: high, low or side. A polished one is always a good idea. Simply pull your hair at the center of the back of your head and tie it with an elastic band. Wrap the ends of your hair around a curling iron to create a slightly wavy effect. This will finish up the ponytail with a little creativity and swing. Apply some flexible hairspray to lock the look.

Heart-shaped face and a ponytail

Last but not least, for a heart-shaped face you would like to do a hairstyle which will soften up your wide forehead and cheeks and the narrow chin. A neutral ponytail hairstyle is a perfect idea, so place it just below the crown of your head. If you sweep your bangs to the side, you will downplay the wide upper part of your face. A low side part can have the same effect too!

Waffle Texture For Your Ponytail (bonus ponytail hint)

waffle texture ponytailSome people will say that the ponytail is boring hairstyle, but I will say that those people are wrong. It’s the simplicity that makes the ponytail so special. The fact that it is a plain and traditional hairstyle, gives you so much room and area to be creative about the details and decorations that the ponytail suddenly turns into one of the most preferable hairstyles at all times.

Here is one design, which looks great as an upgraded ponytail. It requires a little bit of heat, but beauty takes its cost. Your job is to prevent any serious damage, which can be done by the application of thermal protector before you treat the hair with heat, which will happen after a while.

  1. Before you start making the hairstyle, you’d better make sure that your hair is long enough for it. It has to be at least to the line of your elbows, otherwise the ponytail will look ridiculous.
  2. So, brush your hair neatly to the back. And take your flat iron. You know that it has several attachments for making the good old curly texture. Take the smallest of them all and make a few strands on each layer of the hair. Don’t overdo the curling, because the hair will become too fluffy.
  3. Then brush the hair again and tie it into a low pony tail at the back of the head.
  4. Cover the hair band with a strand of the hair and secure with a bobby pin behind the ponytail. All of it has to be delicate and covered.

This hairstyle is quite formal and you can use it as an office hairstyle or for a business meeting. It will even work for a formal dinner event. You will look stunning with a long dress and voluminous hairstyle like this one.