Double One-Side Braid


The one-side ponytail is a great hairstyle, but today I will show you how to upgrade this ponytail a little bit. Take a look:

  • Brush the hair to one side and divide into two equal parts;
  • Set away one part with a hair clip;
  • Split the rest of the hair into a simple braid
  • Slightly pull out the strands of the braid in order to make it appear bigger and thicker;

  • Tie the end of the braid with a band;
  • Take off the clip from the remaining hair

  • Again, make a simple braid and pull out the strands slightly.

  • Tie both of the braid with only one hair band.

  • Join the braids from the inside by using a bobby pin.


And now, let me share with you a few hair care tips, because every healthy hair is a beautiful hair, which means that every hairstyle will look great on a hair with such a condition:

  1. Always finish your shower with a conditioner, but never apply the conditioner at the roots of the hair, because it will make the scalp too oily. Pay attention to the hair ends.

  2. Never brush the hair while it is fully wet. First, dry it with a soft towel by pressing the strands gently between your hands (never rub the hair with the towel). Then untangle the hair with broad toothed comb or comb with natural bristles. Let the hair dry naturally and then comb it.

  3. Remember to give your hair a trim every 3 months in order to keep the ends from splitting.

  4. Use a sun protection to the hair as well. Not only your hair can get hurt, the sun can damage the hair as well. There are sprays for hair with SPF in them, so use those!

  5. Sleep on satin pillows (or silk), because the hair will slide on it and it won’t tangle over the night.