How To Wear Black


You can never go wrong with black. Black is the color of fashion, style and good taste. It‘s relatively easy to style and it looks good on everyone – and the best part is that it visually makes you look slimmer which is something all girls want! For people who are just getting into fashion and can‘t find their style yet, we have gathered some tips on how to wear black and how to show you style best while wearing the most popular color in fashion.

There‘s nothing wrong in wearing all black. But if you want to show some sense of style, pair your black outfit with a pop of color – it may be a purse, coat of a pair of neon shoes that will bring the whole outfit together and show that you know your way around fashion.

The monochromatic look was one of the trendiest looks this year. For some people it‘s too boring, but if you wear it the right way, you can definitely show yourself as a fashionista! Monochromatic looks are often minimalistic – with almost no accessories and very subtle makeup and hair.

You can‘t go wrong with the little black dress! I can go on and on how important is for every woman to have a little black dress in her closet and make it her go-to outfit. I have at least 5 little black dresses in different styles depending on where I want to go and how formal is the event. Pair you little black dress with little black heels and an embellished clutch and you‘ll become the center of attention in no time!

Black goes extremely well with light neutral like pinks and beige. We have seen many designers go for a nude and black combo in their clothes, shoes and accessories. This look isn‘t that new, but it‘s definitely timeless and suits every occasion and outfit. No can also pair black with a dark neutral color which will be a bolder, yet more stylish look to pull. This combination isn‘t that common, but if you pair black with dark brown, blue or charcoal, for example, you will get the slimming effect of the all black outfit and still have some color to give the outfit some dimension.

The most important rule when wearing black is to feel good and to choose clothing pieces that enhance our body give your features a nice look. You will always look amazing in a pair of black jeans, high heels and a neutral shirt, so you can start from there and work your way through all the styles and combos until you find the right one for you!

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