Rose Gold Smokey Eyes

Rose gold smoky eyes

There just must be a smokey eye look that works both for day and night. You all know there are many options for the night look. But not as many for the day (our favourite is rose gold smokey eye). And I think every woman should know how to do a day smokey eye look.

The one here that we will show you how to do as we allready mentioned is in a rose gold. It is something that will complement any type and shape of eyes. The rose gold smokey look would make eyes more awake and softer in a way.

Here’s how to do the best rose gold smokey eyes

  1. Grab a brown kohl pencil. Apply it at the crease of the eye and then draw a line on the upper lid starting at the middle of the eye towards the outer corner and connect with the line you drew at the crease.
  2. Smudge down the pencil. To do that, use your finger. Just pep the area.
  3. It is time to apply eye shadow. You will need one in a rose gold shade. With a brush, apply the eye shadow all over the lid from the lash line to the crease, covering the pencil smudge too.
  4. In the inner corner of the eye you can use a lighter shade eye shadow. Even a goldish one.
  5. Use some white eye shadow at the inner corner of the eye where the nose is and some of the bottom lash line. This will open up your eye and make your eyes seem bigger and more awake.
  6. Apply some goldish eyeshadow just right over the end of the rose one. It will make a nice fading out.
  7. Grab a black kohl pencil. Draw a medium thick line at the top lash line.
  8. Then, with an angled brush, apply some black shimmery eye shadow over the black pencil. This will accentuate on the black and will make it fade into the rose gold because of the shimmer.
  9. To have a finished eye look apply mascara. For a better look I advise you to apply multiple coats.
  10. To open up your face even more apply some rosy blush on your checks.
  11. Finish off the look with some nude or pinkish lipstick for the day. If you want to transform the look of the night you can apply a bright pink lipstick.
  12. That’s it – your rose gold smokey eyes are here to conquer the world.

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