Proper care for lips when cold

How to take care of lips in winter

Today I want to talk about the most sensitive, delicate, soft and the most famous skin area of your face – the lips. The skin of the lips could be damaged really easy and if you are not careful or if you don’t take good care of the lips, they will be dry, cracked and ugly.

I’m sure that you don’t want that to happen, especially when you have an upcoming romantic date in your calendar. I’ll give you some advices, which will definitely help you to take care of your lips, if followed strictly. Take a look:

Lips care in winter

Moisturize your lips

The cold air during the winter is ruining your skin. It is dry and freezes every single drop of wet and humid. Also, the sun is a huge factor for your dry skin during the winter. You think that if it’s not visible, it’s not there.

care for lips in coldLet me ask you a question: How do you think it is so bright during the day?

The sun rays are here, even though we don’t see the sun itself. The clouds are letting the sun rays through them up to 80%, so, wear sunscreen and choose the right lip balm for the lips. Buy a bio lip balm, which includes honey, because it recovers the cracks on the lips really fast.

Also, search for natural oils, which will nourish the skin. Stay away from ingredients like glycerol, alcohol, menthol and mineral oils, because they can draw liquid from the cells and cause dry skin. Apply your lip balm regularly – 15 minutes before you leave the house and before the application of the lipstick. It will work as protecting layer. Apply it also in the office to protect the lips from the effect of the drying radiator or the air conditioner. And for deeper cure, apply the lip balm before bed, this will bring the deepest nourishment.

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Be careful with the makeup removing

Don’t use aggressive cleaning agents. The best choice is to use gentle cleansing milk or lotion with greasy basis. Very efficient procedure for the lips caring is the exfoliation. Use a lip scrub once a week in order to remove dead cells.

You can make a homemade lip scrub by mixing crushed oatmeal with one teaspoon of honey. Gently rub the lips with that mixture, using your finger as a tool, or a soft, clean toothbrush. Your lips will become silky soft, brighter and more sensitive.

Be careful with the makeup

During the winter it will better for your lip skin if you forget about the harsh, long-lasting lipstick. It dries the skin of the lips and contributes to the appearance of cracks.

The lip gloss is also not preferable for the cold winter, because it contains oily components and too much moisture, which is more likely to freeze directly on your lips if it’s too cold outside.

You’d better use a moisturizing lipstick with a creamy texture and oily ingredients. Always apply a primer under the lipstick.

And the most important care tips for beautiful lips:

  • Forget about licking your lips when you feel them dry. This makes the skin extra soft and dries it instantly.
  • If the skin of the lips is very dry and cracked, use a lip balm which contains omega-3, this ingredient quickly heal and restore the damaged skin.
  • Beautiful and soft lips require little effort, regular care and attention!