Makeup tips for ladies with blonde hair (and a bonus hair idea)

Doll makeup advice how to

You have heard that blondes have more fun. Well, this could be so, but blondes also need some tips that will help them look better. It is always good to play with different eyeshadows and colors, but they should also know what looks good on them and what transforms them into Plain Janes.

Here are some of the most important makeup tips for ladies with light hair.

What is the right LIPSTICK for blondes

lipstick for blondesSome blondes have no idea what lipstick looks good on them, so they stick to the ones they love. Here is a little tip, think of Barbie and steal some of her ideas. In other words, all the pink hues will look good on your lips.

Since your hair is light, and probably your natural complexion, do not use very dark lipstick colors, like brown hues. If you want, you can wear bright red lipstick, but only for a night out when the atmosphere and the lack of daylight allow you bolder makeup. However, you should be careful not to put on too much dark makeup.

If you have a stronger lipstick color, leave your eyes nude, or with lighter shades, or the other way around – stronger eyes and nude lips.

What’s EYEBROWS color will look good on blondes

Rarely a person could have exactly the same eyebrow color as the color of your hair, it is usually darker. This could sometimes be a problem for natural blondes because too dark eyebrows do not look pretty flattering for light hair.

If, however, you are not a natural blonde, which, let’s be honest it often the case, make sure that your eyebrows are only one or two shades darker than your hair.

This could be easily achieved by dying your eyebrows. You can also make them so light that it could look like you almost do not have eyebrows. But this is a fashionable strategy and you will look very high-fashion.

What BLUSH to use if you are a blonde

With blushes it is almost the same as with lipstick shades, blondes should not wear too many dark shades because it will look unnatural and thus not very flattering on them.

If you want to give some color to your cheekbones, you should try peach or pink blushes that will make you look like you have a natural and healthy color.

The only thing you need to remember is that you should not put too dark blushes so that you do not make the apples of your cheeks too red.

What EYESHADOWS should light haired girls use

Maybe you are already tired of hearing it, but since you have light hair, then you should put only light eyeshadow colors. This is quite bad news for all of you that love black shadows. You should forget about putting them on, unless it is a very extreme and costume even.

On the other hand, if you want to flatter your eyes when you are going out either to work or a party, try wearing some of these colors: peach, pink and light gray. You can always have your favorite smoky eye, but only with the right colors.

What MASCARA for blondes

black mascara blonde hairYou probably did not think that blondes should change their mascara if they want to look stunning, but the truth is that you should change your mascara as well if you are blonde. Just get a brown one.

It is not completely necessary to throw out your black mascara, you can just add a brown one to your set of makeup and apply it when you are going out at daytime.

If the brown colors flatters the color of your eyes, it will make them pop and attract some attention.

What FOUNDATION will complement your blonde hair

If you are a natural blonde then your skin will be naturally lighter, so too dark foundations will look unnatural and even unattractive to you.

You have probably noticed girls with pale complexion that want to look darker applying too much dark foundation which not only looks strange and unnatural, but sometimes you can even see the difference between their neck and face.

If you want to cover up any pimples or red spots on your face, then use a foundation that is close to your natural complexion. Also, if you want to apply it easily, choose more liquid foundation with a goldish hue.

What EYELINER color to use if blonde

Any light color eyeliner, like bronze, copper or brown, that is different from black will look good on you and will flatter your hair color. It will look natural on you and you won’t make your complexion look paler because of the black color, as it usually happens.

This is what makeup is about after all, to enhance your natural features and not to cover you up, or make you look like a completely different person. The lighter the makeup is, the better it will look on you.

Messy Knot For Blonde Hairs

(your bonus for today)

messy blonde bunWe all know that certain designs of hairstyles look better on certain hair colors. Today I want to show you a a hairstyle which looks romantic and stylish on blonde hair, but when it is created with dark hair, it will look scruffy. That’s why the neat hairstyles look better on dark colored hairs.

Another great design that looks better on blonde hair is the braid. In fact, anything that can create some kind of 3D effect looks way better on blonde hair, because the bright color catches the light which creates more shadows and depth in the shapes of the braid (for instance).

I want to show you a hairstyle which is absolutely messy, but when it is made with blonde hair it looks romantic and feminine. Take a look:

  • It will be better if your hair is clean and freshly washed, but not neatly brushed. You can only finger brush the hair as far as the hair is not tangled and flat at the roots. The finger brushing will allow the air to come inside of the layers and dry  the hair a little bit. If you have time, it will be better if you let the hair air dry while you brush it with your fingers from time to time. But if you don’t have enough time, use a hair dryer, but don’t brush the hair while you blow it.
  • We are aiming for wavy texture, which will cooperate better with the type of this hairstyle.
  • Pull the whole hair to the back and separate it in two halfs, holding them with your hands. Make a knot.
  • Secure it with bobby pins and spritz a little bit with hair spray.

Voila! Put the most feminine dress you have and enchant his heart!