Sassy Party Look


One of the best party looks requires the hairstyle down below. This hairstyle makes the face look longer and slimmer, which will contribute to the whole wanna-be-slim look, because every girl wants to look slimmer, no matter how thin she is. The volume at the top and the sleek sides are creating this effect of slimmer looking face. And if you enhance the eyes with cat-eye liner or smoky lids, you won’t make a mistake. Another great addition to this look is the strongly contoured cheekbones – the higher they look, the sassier your look will be. You can see that the certain look of a girl is a complex work and it requires some time to be prepared. Let’s start with the hairstyle and then we can discuss the makeup and the outfit. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to achieve the same hairstyle:

  • The only way for this hairstyle to look good is when the hair is straight. Any kind of waves and curls will ruin the whole effect. So, you will need the flat iron first. Remember to apply thermal protector before the work of the flat iron. You can even apply a little bit of smoothing mousse in order to prevent any flying hairs.
  • Now take the teasing comb and the hair spray. Separate the top section of the hair and clip it away, while you work on the sides.
  • Comb the sides and apply stylizing mousse in order make the sleek effect of the sides. Connect them at the back and tie them into a ponytail. Choose tight hair band  which will hold the sides sleek.
  • Then take the separated top and tease the roots. Spritz with hair spray. Then comb back and smooth the top.
  • All done!
  • Now apply the makeup and choose the right outfit for the night. Have fun and dance the night away!