Smoky Makeup but Not Black


I found this gorgeous makeup tutorial and I feel the need to share it with you, guys. It is absolutely gorgeous and if your follow the steps one by one, I’m that you will be able to recreate it the same way.
Let’s see the steps, which will guide us through the application of the makeup:

Step one: Eyebrows.

I know that this step is skipped in this tutorial, but I will mention the brows with two words. The trend of the thick and dark brows is obvious, but you shouldn’t follow it blindly. Your job is to adjust the trend according to your personal style and the facial features you have (in this particular situation). For instance, if you already have thick brows, don’t pluck them, just rearrange the shape in order to fit your face. Use a brow kit – the color, the highlighter and the gel.

Step two: Prepare the eyes for the makeup.

This means only one thing – lid primer. This is an essential step for a long lasting eye makeup. The primer will prevent smudging of the colors.

Steps three: The black.
I know that the title says no black color for this smoky makeup, but this black color is needed only as a base, it won’t be visible. Apply it to the lids, below the crease line. Contour the bottom lash lines with the black color as well.

Step four: The brown.
Now we are talking! Apply the liquid brown color all over the lids, up to the crease and create a V-shape at the outer corner of the lid. Then smudge the edges to crease the smoky effect and we are almost ready.

Step five: Finishing notes.
Apply black, cat-eye liner and a thick coat of mascara.

All done! Match the eye makeup with proper lipstick color and you will look fantastic, just like the model from the tutorial does!

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