Bronze Cat Eye

Cat eyes effect

If you like the brown color then you are friendly, down-to-earth and serious. Brown is the color of earth.

Bronze is a metallic brown color. It is associated with bronze medals, which is given to the 3rd place winners in sports and it is the metal of artists and warriors.

So if you consider yourself a strong woman warrior then you will like this bronze cat eye for your special evening.

For this makeup you will need a black eye pencil or an eyeliner, dark brown color, nude color, shimmering bronze color, a blending brush. Here is how you can do it:

  • Apply the eye pencil or the eyeliner on your upper lash line, from the inner corner of your eye to the outer one. When you reach the end draw a flick along the edge. This line will be your base and guide for creating the cat eye later.
  • Apply dark brown color from the center of the lid to the end of it. Create a sharp angle with the line you created earlier with the eyeliner.
  • Using a blending brush, apply a nude color on the front part of the lid and blend it with the brown color at the end gradually and create a gradient.

Now for the bronze. Apply the shimmering bronze color in the front part of the lid, over the nude color. Begin by applying it from the inner corner and when you reach the dark brown color blend it a little, using the blending brush.

If you are worried the lid won’t be outlined very well, clean up the shape with a concealer.

  • Using the eye pencil, line the lower lash line.
  • Using the blending brush, accent the lower liner with dark brown color.
  • Apply mascara both on your upper and lower lashes and your bronze cat eye is ready!

This makeup could be worn on a glamorous evening party. You can add to it some golden accessories like a shimmering golden bangle, or a big golden necklace. But do not put on too much accessories. There should be maximum 3 of them.

As for the dress, you can choose either a long black dress or a short one in a golden shade. They both can be with an open back, just so you can be as glamorous as possible.

Most importantly, do not forget to have fun!