Golden Tricks for Your Eyelashes and Mascara


Perfect lashes are not a privilege of gifted by nature women, but of all who know one or two tricks on the issue. Are you sure you know enough tricks when using mascara? We offer a full 10 of them!

Refresh the mascara – If it is not completely new, it already is causing some inconvenience – matted eyelashes, dried… to bring it back to life, add a few drops of liquid for eye lenses. Stir well with the spiral solution using a brush, but do it slowly and carefully, so as not to insert too much air and speed up the process of re-drying of the helix. It really is an effective way to save money. And it is easy!

Bend the brush – Most of the mascara on the market is offered with fully straight brushes that do not help in highlighting the eyelashes. This is not a problem because you can easily bend the tip of the brush yourself. Make it a 45-degree angle, which will prove to be more convenient and a precise application of the product.

“Soak” the mascara – If you slightly dried or stood too long in the cold, there is a way to return it to its liquid nature. Dip tube for a few minutes in a cup with hot water. And voila!

Use two different mascara – the most durable combination of mascaras is the following: a single layer of mascara for volume (or length), followed by a layer of waterproof mascara. Easy clean-up, but keeps longer. This helps emphasize each eyelash, giving an elegant curve.

Baby powder for volume – This trick is well known and tested. If you have short and thin eyelashes that do not change especially after application of a simple mascara, then trust the baby cosmetics. Apply one coat of mascara and then immediately powder your lashes with baby powder. Finally, apply a second layer of mascara and enjoy the effect – more voluminous lashes.

The dream of every woman or girl is for obscene, curved and thick eyelashes and it has always been a priority at a time of eye makeup. Gaze becomes seductive with beautiful eyelashes like a doll. An important part of the overall vision of the modern woman is the achievement of a perfect type for lashes – like shape and color. That is why, artificial eyelashes are usually used when there is a problem with aesthetic natural eyelashes: deformation, insufficient pigmentation, thinning or even when there are none.

The mascara is the final touch for expressive look and we are sure that you trust it in your daily lives. To achieve more voluminous lashes, make several zigzag movements with a thick brush at their base, and then the entire length. The hairs of the brush resemble tiny tanks containing ink with silk fibers and natural waxes that give the volume you need! The mascara increases the volume of your lashes with much more dense because it is made of wax or paraffin base. On the lashes it lies as a thick layer and thus achieves double and triple volume.