How to Curl Your Eyelashes like a Pro


Beautiful voluminous eyelashes can make your whole face a lot different, sexier and more seductive. Eyelashes are something that you might think that guys do not really notice, but the truth is, even if they do not realize it, they are attracted to them. Full, black lashes open up your gaze and make your look a lot more expressive. Some girls think that just applying a little bit of mascara  is enough to achieve an amazing effect; however, there are a few more tricks and tips that you should follow for the best possible results. Take a look at the lines below and you will see what we are talking about:

  • Look for mascara that satisfies your needs. If you have short lashes, logically, you need lengthening mascara. However, if length is not the problem, but you want to make them more noticeable, go for a volumizing one.
  • Also, you can choose curling mascara. There are products on the marked with a C-shaped want which can separate your lashes, hold the curl throughout the day and simply coat and curl simultaneously! That is a good idea for you to have in your bag at all times.
  • Of course, if you are not buying a multipurpose product like that, do not forget to go for the eyelash curler! Use it after you have applied a coat or two of your mascara and you will see the difference!
  • The first special trick we want to mention is the Q-tip trick. After you have layered your lashes with mascara, use the stick part of the Q-tip (not the cotton swab!) to lift and hold the lashes in place for about half a minute. This method will allow the product to dry in a curled position. Simple, yet effective!
  • The other way to curl your lashes with the help of everyday items is to press your lashes against a business card or an old debit/credit/membership plastic card. Apply your mascara in an upward direction while pressing your lashes against the card. The best thing about this method is that it not only curls the lashes, but can also prevent mascara from getting on your lids while you are applying it.
  • High-temperature can boost the effect of curling eyelashes. Take a spoon and warm it up a little with your blow dryer (be careful not to get it too hot since you can burn the sensitive skin of your lids!). Place the spoon at your lash line with the back end against your brow bone. Press your lashes against the edge and you will curl them up quickly and effectively.

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