8 Things You Can Use A Cotton Swab For


Cotton swabs are one of those beauty tools that you can use for numerous things – from helping you with your makeup to creating new nail designs and taking care of your other makeup tools. Here are just 8 of the many things you can use a cotton swab for:

Correcting eye makeup is maybe one of the most popular ways to use cotton swabs. We all have tried it and we know that it works perfect! If your eye makeup is smudged, just dip the tip of the cotton swab in eye makeup remover and gentle clean the area. If the problem is not that big, you can easily use the cotton swab without product on it to make sure the rest of your makeup stay in place.

The next thing you can use cotton swab is to apply eye cream. If you pull the skin around your eyes a lot, this will cause wrinkles over time. To avoid that, just put some product of the cotton swab and gently apply on the area that you want.

A neat way to keep your skin concealed throughout the whole day is to dab a cotton swab in concealer, put it in a plastic bag and use it when you think you skin starts getting red or you see some spots you would to conceal. This is perfect for people with no space and big-sized makeup!

Cotton swabs are a great way to smudge makeup! If you want to blend your eye shadow or smudge your eye pencil a bit and you don‘t have a brush in hand, just use a cotton swab. You can easily create a smoky eye is you‘re outside and you don‘t have the necessary tools, so always keep a cotton swab or two in your purse just in case.

Cotton swabs can help achieve the perfect eye brow! Just put some matte brown eye shadow on the tip and run it over your eyebrows. If you have to clean the area around your brows, just use the clean tip with some concealer on.

When you’re doing your nails, you can use cotton swabs for two main things – to clean around your nails when you’re done, and to create nail art by dipping the cotton swab in nail polish and “drawing” with it on your nails.

You can use cotton swabs even to refresh your scent during the day. Just like I told you how to carry concealer around in zip lock bags, soak some cotton swabs in your favorite perfume and carry them in your purse. The scent won’t disappear and you won’t have to carry the whole bottle around all day!