Makeup brush guide

Makeup brushes - types and uses

There are hundreds of guides on what to do with makeup products. Whether it is the art of mastering a winged eyeliner, a smoky eye, the tricks for full lips or how to contour and highlight like Kim Kardashian: there are so many things to learn about makeup, that people are slowly beginning to realize how amazing is the profession of the makeup artist.

However, there is one key area of the “makeup science” that is not talked about enough, even though it is quite important and one of the foundations of the field: the topic of makeup brushes. If you go to a drugstore, you will see different kits or separate brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why are they so many?

What do they serve for?

That the moment when we come in with an explanation about part of them.

Makeup brush types and uses

Here is a short guide to some of the basic brushes you need to have in your makeup bag:

Kabuki brush

Kabuki brushThe kabuki brush is big, voluminous and you cannot miss it in the store. Since it is so huge, it is best for products that you need to spread all over your face evenly: like mineral foundation, bronzer (if you wish to enhance your natural tan) or setting powder.

Powder Brush

Powder brush makeupThe powder brush is large, fluffy, soft and dense. It has a rounded shape. Its uses include powder application (surprise!), contouring and highlighting with bronzer and highlighter, applying blush on your cheeks and blending.

Foundation brush

The foundation brush is rather flat, dense, soft and has a rounded end too. From its name you can infer that it is used for the spread of foundation on your face. This method is somewhat better than applying the product with your fingers since in the latter option there is lots of the foundation left on your fingers and you need to wash it off. You can also use it to apply concealer over red areas and the under eye area.

Beauty blender

As we have mentioned the foundation brush, we should not forget about the beauty blender, a tool that has become very popular in the past year. It is a small sponge and it is perfect for applying liquid products to your face. It spreads them extremely well, so they look natural on your skin. For lighter coverage you can dampen it a little prior to use.

Fan brush

The fan brush is probably one of the weirdest looking of the bunch: it looks like the the spread tail of a peacock, and has a semi-circle shape. It is flat and thin. You can use it to apply highlighter or blush, create a gentle contouring because of its edge, or sweep away any excess eyeshadow or powder.

Pencil brush

Pencil brush makeupThe pencil brush is small, dense and has the shape of a dome. It has a slightly pointed edge, so it can get into tight spaces like the tear duct. It is perfect for applying eyeshadow or highlighter to your eyes and also to blend or smudge the eyeshadows.

Angled eyeshadow brush

Last but not least, we are introducing to you the angled eyeshadow brush. It is soft and has a slightly angled end. It is great for applying eyeshadow and blending it. You can use it for your lid, crease and everything else: smoky eye makeup will not be a challenge any more if you own this tool!

These of course are not all the kinds of brushes on the market, but they are a good start. Find the ones which are the most comfortable for you: it is all a matter of personal taste in the end!