4 Makeup Tricks Nobody Told You About


I am sure every woman in the world would agree if I say that applying makeup is maybe the biggest everyday struggle for the fair sex and that‘s why we need all the help we can get – tips, tricks and ideas on how to apply makeup better and faster. Because I want to make your life easier, I will share with you 4 makeup tricks that I‘m sure nobody told you before – they will be especially useful if you‘re a newbie in applying makeup and want some basic tips. Don‘t forget to take notes and try them immediately!

Use tape to make the perfect smokey eye

The smokey eye is maybe the most common type of makeup women choose no matter their age or the occasion. But doing the perfect smokey eye can be tricky – not every time we are able to make both eyes even or not go overboard with the eye shadow. To make the perfect line on both eyes without looking like a panda, just use some tape and put it in the angle you want on your lids. After you applied the makeup, remove it gently and blend just a little to remove the harsh line. The result will be a perfect smokey eye in no time!

Apply highlight

Using highlights in our daily makeup routine can definitely change the way our makeup looks – highlights can make our faces slimmer, our cheekbones more defined, and our eyes –brighter. Don‘t forget to apply highlighter every time you apply your favorite eye shadow and even when you‘re going for a more natural look and don‘t want to use a lot of makeup. Highlighter must be applied on the brow bone, just under the brow, and on the inner corners of your eyes to reflect light and make your eyes bigger, brighter and less tired.

Fix old makeup

This tip is especially useful for people who forget to close their mascaras or buy expensive products which they would like to use for a long time. Mascara often can dry and at that point you can‘t use it anymore unless you find a way to make it liquid again. In moments like this you can use eye drops! Just add several drops in the tube, close it and shake it so the eye drops can get to every corner of the tube. After that your mascara will be like new and you‘ll easily use it several more times. Don‘t forget though that you can‘t use eye drops over and over again – just take care of your mascara and close it tightly so it doesn‘t dry fast.

Apply blush properly

Applying blush the right way is key for making your features more defined and beautiful. To know how to apply blush, you should know what‘s your face shape – oval, square, heart or round. For oval faces you need to apply blush on your cheekbones to add some shape to it. For a square shaped face – you need your blush on your cheekbones and on your hairline. Heart shaped faces need blush on the cheekbones and up to the brow bones, this way the upper part of the face won‘t look a lot bigger than the lower part. And finally, if you have a round face, apply blush on your cheekbones, on your chin and just a little on your hairline to make it slimmer. If you follow these tips you‘ll definitely see amazing results!