Why Your Eyelashes Look Bad


You buy expensive mascaras, but your lashes still look like you’ve been torturing them. If you are having a hard time dealing with your mascara, you might check whether you are making mistakes while you apply your mascara. Take a look:

  • You apply too much product than it’s necessary. The misuse of the mascara quantity is one of the most common mistakes.  It’s best to apply only one layer of mascara. But if you need to apply another one, stop at the second layer, no more. If you apply more than two layers you risk to make a total mess. Often less is more when it comes to makeup.
  • Expiration date. The mascara is the least lasting product among the other makeup products. The mascara longs 3 months, after that it starts to crumble and there is a bigger chance for some kind of bacteria developing. So, check out the expiration date and make sure you won’t use that mascara after the recommended date. That’s a secure way to stay away from health troubles and to have beautiful lashes.
  • The roots of the lashes. You are not paying enough attention to the roots. That’s a major mistake, which leads to short looking lashes, because only the tips are bold. When you apply the mascara make sure that you start from the base of the lashes and go up to the ends. Be careful and use bright light to escape any build-up of the product. To do it right, you should warm up the mascara. Hold it between your hands and rub and roll. Once the product is warmed up, it will loosen a little bit and  the wand will be nicely covered with it. Then remove the excess color by running the wand through the bottleneck. Keep following that routing until you cover the full length of the lash line.
  • You skip the lash curler. It is an essential step for good- looking and long lashes, if you do it properly of course. Heat the curler with the hair dryer. Pinch the lashes as close to the roots as possible and hold in until the curler cool down. This trick will make the lashes look longer and  it will keep it in that position as long as you have mascara on.
  • Don’t be hasty. Take your time when you apply the mascara. If you run out of time, you won’t be any less late if you spend 1 minute to apply the mascara properly. Take a deep breath and do it as we talked. If you make a mess caused by your impatient, you will be a lot more later if you have to deal with mascara smudges. But if you don’t trust your hands, use a plastic spoon to protect your lid and the under eye area from the harsh, hard-to-be-removed mascara.

To sum up: check the dates, take your time and warm it up – it’s all you need to know about the perfect look of your lashes when you pamper them with your favorite mascara. Enjoy!

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