Gothic style – goth makeup and clothing secrets revealed

Gothic style pretty girl

People who do not have much to do with the goth culture and fashion have some stereotypical associations about it. Of course, it usually brings up the image of dark or black goth makeup and just as dark and black goth dresses. There, however, is much more to it than what these people imagine.

Goth makeup, goth fashion, goth shoes or better yet goth boots, everything is a style which characteristics are very exotic and mysterious. The typical, and we could add stereotypical, goth style includes pale complexion with black lips, hair and black nails even.

In this short summary of goth fashion, you will find everything you need to know about the goth – how to apply perfect goth makeup, where to shop goth dresses and many other tips that will make you the perfect goth fashion representative.

Goth makeup

If you want to have the typical goth makeup you have a lot of variations to choose from. There are more basic goth makeup styles and there are also very dark pastel goth makeup styles. It will be no surprise probably that we begin with the basic goth makeup tips you can wear every day.

Basic everyday goth makeup

Make that gothic look on your eyes

For this you will need concealer, light foundation, and black eyeshadows. It is very simple and very fast so if you are in a hurry and you want to apply makeup on, you will have no excuse not to do it. So, you should begin by applying the concealer under your eyes and also around your eyes. Do not forget to blend, blend and even blend some more so that is does not stick out. The point is to cover your dark circles and not to make them more visible.

Then move on to applying foundation. Since goth makeup is famous for its very white and bright complexion then you must choose a foundation that is lighter than your own skin complexion. It should be quite white, even snow white. Apply it all over your face but be careful to spread it evenly everywhere. Also make sure that the line between your face and your neck is not too obvious.

Now move on to your eyes. Using an angular eyeshadow brush, begin to apply the black eyeshadow on your lower lash line, do it as if it is an eyeliner. Create an angle that will suite your eyes, it could be more horizontal or more vertical, this depends on you and your personal style. You can bring the point a little more to the eyebrow to shape the frame of the eye.

The next step is very important and is the basic one in this makeup. After you are finished with the lower line of the eyes, start applying the upper line. Start from the end point of your lower line and draw a line from that point and begin applying it on your crease until you reach the inner corner of your eye. And now the frame of your eye makeup is ready. The last thing you need to do is fill in your eyelids with the same eyeshadow and your basic goth makeup is done.

Pastel goth makeup

Gothic and pastel go together well

As its name suggests, pastel goth makeup uses pastel colors which are very popular among fashion stylist this season. As you know, there is a whole collection of pastel colors so you have the freedom to choose your favorite ones.

Our suggestion for you, however, will be for purple pastel colors.

Here is what you will need: concealer, foundation, eyeshadow brush, light purple eyeshadow, dark purple eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, mascara, and if you want you can add falsies and blue or green contacts.

Begin as usual with the concealer and the foundation. Just like the basic everyday goth makeup, apply the concealer under your eyes hiding any dark circles you might have. Then again apply a very light foundation all over your face. If your natural complexion is light enough and you have no  traces of skin problems you may skip this step.

How to do gothic makeupThe next thing you have to do is to take a nude eyeshadow matte color and apply it all over your eyelids. This will be your base that will help the colors you are going to apply after that could stay on your eyes longer. Now using the eyeshadow brush, apply the light purple eyeshadow all over your eyelids up to the crease. You may skip the inner corners of your eyes and let the first nude color show through. This will make your eyes more awake and brighter.

The next step is to take the darker purple eyeshadow and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes and blend it with the other lighter purple color through the crease.perfect gothic style

Next, take a new, clean eyeshadow brush and apply the black color on the outer corners of your eyes and over your crease. But this time just tap the brush and do not smear it. Blend all the colors with the brush you used to apply the purple color. During this step you can also shape your eyeshadow the way you want it.

Now apply the eyeliner on your upper lash line, creating a thin line. Then apply mascara both on your upper and lower lashes and if you had decided to use falsies this is the time to apply them. And your pastel goth makeup is ready. The next thing you need to do is to combine it with some cool goth clothing.

Goth clothing

Goth dresses may look pretty

So, after you are ready with your makeup you need to move on to the clothing since your goth look won’t be complete without the outfit. Every type of goth clothing you can think of, comes here: goth dresses and goth costumes, if you want even goth boots.

You can add something of your personal style also because goth clothing gives you that freedom. Here are some basic tips to dress goth style and remember that these are not a must but if you wonder from where to begin they will be of great help.

Begin with the top. You will need a T-shirt or a singlet, it, of course, depends on your personal style and the weather. You can also use a shirt, but make that your last option if you cannot go with the first two.

Make sure your top has either something written on it, or a picture of something mysterious and dark. There is no problem if both of them are part of your top. Also, if you want to be a perfect goth representative, you should make sure that the top is a bit oversized for you because goth styling usually does not include fitted clothing, but this again is optional.Red gotic style dress

We now move on to dressing the second half of your body, in other words, your legs. You can choose either a pair of pants or a skirt. Of course, there is no need to wonder what color to choose because black is a distinctive feature of all that goth culture represents. Again you should not pick tight pants, but a pair that is a little baggy, or if you want they could be quite baggy, this again depends on your own preferences.

The good thing here is that you can wear a skirt, again black, and it could be a long one or short one. You can match it with a pair of pantyhose, again black, and the good thing is that you do not have to worry about any holes or stitches. You can even make such ones on purpose. The more leisurely and untidy they look, the better for your goth look.gothic makeup and dress

If you want to have more options with your goth outfit, then you can add to the list a black dress. Wear it instead of wearing two separates pieces of clothing. It could also have something written on it, or have some kind of picture. It is better if you again stick to the more casual and free type of clothing, as this again is the distinctive feature of goth style.

As for the color, black will be the best choice but if you match it with another dark color. Here is an idea what you can do:

If you do not have any specific piece of clothing where the black color overpowers it, but is has another dark color, like dark purple or dark red, you can use two pieces of clothing instead. You can put on dark red/purple singlet and add some gauzy black shirt, blouse or you can just cover yourself with a long black scarf. You will have the perfect goth look with little efforts.

To finish your look, you must add a pair of shoes. And what is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of goth shoes – boots. The strong, black goth boots could be found in any shoe shop, or at least most of them, not only the goth stores. Their distinctive feature is that they are, except in the mandatory black color, on a high platform. They kind of look like the boots from the Spice Girls age. They could also be very long, up to your knee or above it, we again leave it to your personal style and preferences.gothic clothes and makeup in the forest

Now you know the basics of how to dress goth style and what makeup to put on. If you follow these steps your family and friends will hardly recognize you from the typical goth representatives.