Messy hair do

Careless bun

Messy texture and knotted updo

Every simple hairstyle needs proper texture of the hair, because the texture of the hair is the thing that is most noticeable when the design is simple. In fact, the texture of the hair is the thing that creates the whole look of the simple hairstyle.

So, for this hairstyle, you will need to create a slightly messy texture of the hair. Imagine that you just have woken up – that’s the effect that you have to create, smacked up and wavy. How to do it?

  • Take a strong formula stylizing mousse.

  • Dampen the hair a little bit. You can make the that happen if you brush the hair with wet comb or a hairbrush.

  • Then apply the fixing mousse all over.

  • Turn your head upside down and finger brush the hair in order to spread the mousse nicely.

  • Now start squeezing the strands with your hand. Squeeze and hold, count to 5 and release. Reposition the hands and do the same routine.

  • Then rise up and look at the mirror. Keep squeezing until you shape the whole hair properly and until the mousse hardens.

  • Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – the roots must be clean, which means that you have to check them and if they are greasy you should apply dry shampoo. It won’t only remove the oils, but also it will create soft and natural looking volume.

  • So, now let’s create the design. This hairstyle is a half updo. But it doesn’t require any hair bands or clips, only a few bobby pins will work perfectly for you.

  • Take two large strands of hair from both of the temporal areas of the head and tie them into a double knot at the back of the head.

  • Secure the knot with the bobby pins.

All done! Enjoy your messy do!

Messy Bun

messy bunFor some of you it is extremely easy to make a messy bun, but for the rest of us, it is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, some hairs are too thin or too straight to be able to create the messy effect of the hairstyle.

Fortunately, women are capable of finding a solution to every single problem. So, down below you will find a tutorial that will teach you how to make the perfect messy bun. Just follow the steps and I’m sure that you can handle it:

  • Brush the hair and check the roots. If they are greasy, do something to fix that – quick shower or dry shampoo. I recommend you the dry shampoo because later you will have to use a curling iron and when the hair is wet and warm after the shower and the hair dryer it is extra fragile and the curling iron can cause a huge damage to it. So, the dry shampoo is a good solution in such moments and also, it saves time.
  • Then apply thermal protect to the hair and make a few curls by taking large sections of hair. The casual waves will contribute to the messiness of the bun and it will look all natural.
  • Tie the hair into a top high ponytail. Hold it upwards and twist the tail
  • Then hold the ends of the tail with one hand and with the other press the twist down to the base of the ponytail. Do that a few more times until you hold only a small strand of hair at the top.
  • Then wrap around the excessive tail and secure with bobby pins.
  • All done! You messy bun is ready in no time and it truly looks gorgeous.

Enjoy your messy bun and have fun!

Messy Bun for Busy Girls

It happens a lot to me to run out of time suddenly, out of nowhere, I’m obviously having some issues with time and it’s mad at me, that’s why I can’t find it anywhere, especially when I need it to be right next to me in the morning while I prepare myself for work.

Unfortunately, we have to make some compromises with our look when we are going to be late for work. Not looking neat and proper may cost you a fine from your strict boss, who insists on neat office look, which include neat hairstyle, neat suit, neat makeup. Before you decide which fine is lower – the one for being late or the one for messy look, take a look at this tutorial for hairstyle, which will help you escape from such a situation:

Imagine this picture. You are getting up from your bed and when you enter the bathroom and when you look up in the mirror you frighten from the reflection – messy haircut, curly hair (no time for combing), dark circles under eyes (no time for soothing), morning swelling (no time for home morning coffee). All these details of your look are able to get you in real trouble. Let’s fix the hair first.

  • Gather the hair into a bun, secure with a hair band and bobby pins, just try to hide the messy tangled strands. Comb only the bang if you have one.
  • Done! Your hair is gathered in one place, it won’t bother you while doing your job and you also won’t be late for work. Enjoy the beautiful day!

P.S. I mentioned dark under eye circles and facial swelling before, would you like to give you one really easy remedy for this?

Of course, you would. Drink a cup of peppermint tea before leaving your place. It will remove the swell immediately. But if you don’t have the time for waiting the water to boil, just pour warm tap water and squeeze half a lemon in it, the results will satisfy you for sure.

Messy elegant hair do

messy haircutA woman is one powerful creature. If a woman knows how to use her look to enchant a man, he will do everything for her.

Men always tell that they enjoy the bossy girls, those who look strong and independent, the sexy ones, the wild ones, but I think that they really want a girl in their life, who is innocent and calm, even childish.

The most attractive combination for a man (in my opinion, of course) is created by two looks – innocent girl and sex tigress woman. When with people, she has to be a woman for example, but at home, she has to behave like a star from the XXX movies.

And if a girl manages to create this association with her look, she will enchant every man in the world. Here is one messy haircut, which reminds me of all the described above, take a look:

It is a twisted low bun – messy and elegant, it looks like she was doing sexy stuff right before her appearance at the party. See how to create this hairstyle:

  • Your hair has to be messy, fluffy and wavy. Start twisting the outside edge of the hair inside and keep twisting as you go to the back of the head – the back neckline.
  • Do the same with the other edge of the head.
  • Tie the whole hair, whit the twisted sides into a low ponytail.
  • Then roll up the tail and bring it into the pocket you have made between the ponytail and the head. Secure with Bobby pins.
  • Then loosen the whole hairstyle a little bit. You can use thin pencil. Stick it into the twisted sides and pull out a little bit.
  • Do the same with the top of the head in order to create volume at the roots.
  • Finish the whole hairstyle with a spritz of light-formula hairspray.