How to Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


In our fast lives we hardly get enough sleep. There are so many things to do and so little time, so we prefer to drink tons of coffee. Unfortunately, even though coffee helps us, it is not so good for our skin, it often causes dark circles under our eyes together with sun exposure, chronic eye-rubbing, or just genetics.

Sometimes you wake up and you find out that you look too tired and exhausted, like you haven’t slept for weeks.

The most common causes of under circles are:

  • Lack of sleep;
  • Allergies;
  • Eczema;
  • Dark under eye circles run in your family and you can’t escape from your blood line;
  • Pigmentation issues;
  • If you rub or scratch your eyes. This might be caused by the allergies or poor sight view, no matter what, find a solution to the problem and stop scratching your eyes. The skin around then is very delicate.
  • Sun exposure;
  • Age;

The causes are many, and the listed up here are not all of them, these are only the most common known causes for dark under eye circles. Until you work deal with the problem permanently, you have to learn how to hide these dark areas with makeup, especially if you work with clients or if your job, school or daily activities are full of meetings, conversations and appointments with other people. You have to look fresh and flawless.

Tips for how to hide the dark circles quickly with makeup

Use a concealer

To hide dark circles under your eyes, you need to use a concealer which color is opposite to the color of the circles. Usually the circles are blue, grey or brown. If your natural skin tone is fair, choose a light or medium peach color. And if you have medium to dark skin, use dark peach or the color orange. And if the circles under your eyes are blue, the best concealer which will hide them is a yellow one. Dot a few drops of a liquid concealer under your eyes and blend it very well. Be sure that you have applied it low enough under your eyes to cover completely the dark circles. The lower the better. Blend it very well and nobody will notice what you have there.

Moisturize your skin

If your skin is not well-moisturized, using a concealer will not hide the circles but will make them more obvious. So remember to moisturize your face very well. There are a lot of moisturizing creams you can use but be careful. When you moisturize the circles under your eyes, do not pull at your skin but dab it only. This area is very delicate and if you do not treat it carefully, it may cause you wrinkles.

Apply foundation

Choose the best color for your skin tone. If you have light skin and you want to use a darker foundation, be sure to blend it very well. Apply the foundation all over your face, even a little on your neck. When you apply it under your eyes be careful not to swipe the concealer underneath it. And here is a trick you can use for that purpose. Apply the concealer after you apply the foundation.  This way you won’t swipe it away and you may find that you need less concealer. And, of course, be gentle. Only dab it under your skin and do not rub.

Face powder

To finish the coverage, apply face powder by using a dome brush. Apply a thin layer under your eyes and gently press it. The powder will add some more coverage and will help your concealer last until the end of the day.

Finishing touches

Finish your look by applying eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelids. You can blend it with with heavy colored eyeshadow.

And now your dark circles are hidden. And if you do not want to have dark circles at all, relax, get your beauty sleep, and eat healthy food.

Step by step guide to dark circles under eyes removal

Down below you will find a tutorial, which will show you step by step how to hide the dark under eye circles. Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Moisturize the area with your eye cream. Usually, the eye cream is developed exactly for the delicate and thin skin of this around-eyes area to moisturize it well and keep it hydrated all day. That’s why you should use an eye cream, not plain moisturizer that you use on the rest of the facial skin.
  2. Then apply concealer – light one or a concealer with yellow hues. The light and yellow colors will eliminate the darkness, which will even out the skin complexion.
  3. Blend in a little bit with a sponge and then spread the color nicely with a brush.

All done! Now finish your makeup as usual.