Makeup Technique For Small Eyes

Makeup for small eyes

When you do anything, no matter what, about your look and beauty you should always consider your proportions, your personal type of body, your personal shape of eyes and so on. You can fall in love with a dress, that you saw on a girl in the theater, but have you ever thought of the body of the girl and your body too, do you have similar shapes to hers? Even a small difference is possible to make you not like the dress while worn by you. That’s why you should think about the fact that everyone is unique in a specific way and you should know your body and its shapes and proportion before purchasing dresses online. That’s why I like to shop in stores where I am able to try the clothes on.

The same rule applies with the makeup too. There are different shapes of faces, different shapes of eyes, lips, noses and so on. You have to find such makeup designs that enhance your best features and hide those spots that you don’t like so much.

Here you can find an eye makeup design which is perfect for girls who have small eyes, but want black liner over the lash lines. It creates contrast and balance of the shape of the eye and the colors.                                                                                                                                                           Take a look:

Makeup for small eyes

  • Apply a base color all over the lid by fading it to the crease. Use light creamy shadow.
  • Then apply light beige shadow, almost white, all over the lid.
  • Contour the eye with black eye pencil. Cover both of the lash lines and both of the waterlines.
  • Apply dark brown color over the crease and create a wing at the outer corner of the eye. Smudge a little bit.
  • Finish the whole look of the makeup with an elongated flick of the top lash liner and then apply a coat of mascara on both of the lashes.


You see how big looking are your eyes while you wear your favorite black liner.