How to Wear a Leather Jacket

look good in leather jacket

There are a few basic pieces that all stylish women should have in their wardrobe, whatever their style is: the perfect pair of jeans, a white shirt, black pumps and, of course, the leather jacket.

Leather jackets have ruled fashion trends for a few years now and there is no sign that they will be leaving the scene anytime soon. They come in various colors and cuts: biker jackets, clean and simple, with studs or embroidery. Whether you are more traditional or you like to be extravagant, you will find your perfect leather jacket for sure. You may prefer a real leather one that could remain in your closet for many years, or go for a cheaper, faux leather option.

Its history begins in the beginning of the 20th century and is still developing. Yes, the black leather jacket is the absolute classic kind, but you can also find red, white, brown and the incredibly trendy pastel tones.

how to wear a leather jacketOne of the greatest things of the leather jacket is that it is extremely versatile and adds a lot of edge to any outfit. You can wear it with a clean, basic white top (a t-shirt or a button-up, depending on how elegant or edgy you want to be) and skinny jeans for a more “biker” look. On the other hand, adding a leather jacket to a fancy, night-out dress and a pair of high heels can illustrate your imagination and brave sense of style.

One of our favorite combinations is leather jacket and a tutu skirt: it is cute and the contrast between the “girliness” of the skirt and the rock feel of the jacket is beautiful! Or maybe you can add a silk white shirt which is very light and feminine.

Also, you should not be afraid to wear it with bold prints, for it can be counted as one of the “wardrobe basics” which do not have to be the center of attention of your outfit. You can add some leopard high heels, a floral scarf or a geometric-printed skirt with a 60s feel (but please, do not wear all of these together: it is just too much!) and create a unique look.

Overall, building a contrast with the rough leather jacket, even if it is in a soft, pink color, for instance, makes the outfit special and interesting.

Another great thing about leather jackets is that they work for both spring and fall, and even the chillier summer evenings. If you feel it is still a bit cold for a leather jacket, you can always add a faux fur vest to keep you warmer: it is a great combination!

Last but not least, do not be afraid to add more leather to your appearance: it will not be too much. Leather pants, shorts, skirts and leggings work well with a leather jacket, just make the appearance a little softer by adding a simple cotton shirt or suede shoes, for instance, so that you do not look too “biker chic” for your taste!