Low Rolled up Hairstyle

rolled-up hair

Saturday night and you are planning to stay at home but suddenly your friend calls you and invites you to a party with cute guys. You have to think of a hairstyle quickly. It should be easy to do, fast and in the same time very impressive. Here is the right solution for you – a rolled up hairstyle.

You will only need an elastic band and a few bobby pins.

  1. Begin with combing your hair as always before you do a hairstyle.
  2. Then make a loose, low ponytail. Sometimes when you make a ponytail, bumps appear in the crown of your head. Here is a trick how to get rid of them. Use a comb and go through your head crown carefully to even them up. And if you have baby hear sticking out behind your ears, pull it back and secure it with hairpins.
  3. After your ponytail is perfect, part the hair above the elastic band in two equal parts.
  4. Pull the ponytail up, so that it goes through the hole you created above the elastic band and twist it.
  5. Repeat again the previous step. That way you will make the hair even more twisted.
  6. The next step is a little tricky. Use your index finger, place it horizontally next to the place where is the elastic band (now it is covered with hair) and wrap the hair again in the same way but this time around the finger as well.
  7. Continue to roll the ponytail that way around your finger until it is all rolled-up.
  8. Now, using your free hand, fasten the roll with bobby pins beginning from the under part. Use as many as you need until you are perfectly sure that the hair is secure.
  9. If you are still not very sure that the hair will remain in the same position, you can apply hairspray. It will make your hair harder to the touch but it is effective.

Even though this hairstyle is very easy and fast, it works best with long and straight hair. If your hair is shorter and curly, the end result won’t be the one you have expected.

To accomplish this look you can wear a short black dress with a neck piece, rolled up hair matches neck pieces very well. You can also add long silver earrings and you are ready for a party.

And if you are fond of bun type hairstyle, take a look at a “bestseller” in the field – Elsa’s Bun.