Many Braids – One Hairstyle


 Today I want to show you how making a beautiful braided bun. It will be better if you have some experience with the braids, because I will show you a braid technique that is different from the regular braiding – the hanging braid. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like the hairstyle, you can try to make it yourself:

  • Before the actual braiding, you have to check the condition of the hair. It has to be clean and straight. The hairstyle can handle a few waves at the bottom of the hair, but if it is naturally curly, I can’t guarantee you that the result will be as great as the one with the straight hair. It is your decision.
  • But if the roots are greasy, you must make them look fresh and dry. You have two options – jump under the shower or apply dry shampoo. Choose the option that will fit with the time you’ve got for the preparation of the hairstyle.
  • Then brush the hair nicely to the back, no part needed.
  • Take about 1/3 section of hair from the top area of the head, just above the ear. Braid that section into a regular braid. Leave it hang until you braid the other side of the top area of the hair.
  • With the other section, make a hanging braid. Finish it at the back of the head, at the level of the first braid.
  • Now lift up these two braids while you make the twisted bun with the bottom half of the hair. Secure this bun with bobby pins.
  • Now wrap the first braid around the bun. Secure with pins.
  • Then wrap the second braid around the bun. Secure again with pins.
  • All done! Now you can enjoy the fancy look of your hair. Have fun!

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