Braided Crown Hairstyle


 The hairstyle of a woman is extremely important for her good looking appearance. You have to take extra care of the hair, because there are many factors that can ruin her shiny texture, strength and health at all. You have to be careful with the heating irons, curling and the flat ones. Protect the hair from the heat with thermal protector and apply hair masks from time to time. The homemade masks for nourishing the hair are my favorite.

Also, if you dye your hair, you have to buy special products that are more caring for the hair. No matter how expensive and good is the dye, it will always harm the hair at some level.

You have to care the hair like it is your baby – always the best for it.

And when your hair is strong, healthy and shiny, every hairstyle will look amazing on you.

Today I want to show you the braided crown hairstyle. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like the result, try to do the hairstyle yourself. Follow the steps one by one:

  • Don’t you dare to make this beautiful hairstyle with greasy hair. First, wash the hair or apply dry shampoo to absorb the excess oils.
  • Then brush the hair and curl it with large barrel curling iron. Apply thermal protector before the curling.
  • Now tie the hair in four ponytails as it is shown in the picture. But before that, you should tease the roots in order to create good looking volume at the roots.
  • Braid each ponytail and pull the strands of the braids to make them look bigger.
  • Then wrap the ponytails around the head and secure them with bobby pins.
  • All done! Your braided crown is ready. Match this beautiful hairstyle with a little bit of makeup and you will be stunning. Enjoy!

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