Are You Air-Drying Your Hair in The Wrong Way?


There are a lot of things a person can read about how to take care of their hair, but some of them are only myths, and others are simply wrong. At one moment you can get so caught up in all the things you have heard or read that you do not know what to believe in and you simply start doing the things wrong. And with all the advices your hair turns out to be even more exhausted than before. So, here are some facts that will help you understand whether you are drying your hair in a wrong way and what you should change about it.

1 Do not use a towel to dry your hair

You probably know that your hairdryer makes your hair drier and more prone to breakage, thus the thing that most women do is to start drying their hair with a towel. However, this is also very bad for the hair, especially if you try excessively to squeeze the water from your hair. When it is wet, hair is more prone to breakage and when you try to manipulate it in any way, even brushing it, you are not doing it any good. So, what you can change about it, how can you dry your hair and still do not harm it? Just use an old (and clean) cotton T-shirt, wrap it loosely around your hair and leave it that way until it is not dry enough. This way you will dry your hair and protect it better.

2 Apply always conditioner after you have washed your hair

Applying conditioner on the ends of your hair will help you avoid the frizzy hair, which is often a problem for a lot of women after they wash their hair. Applying conditioner will help you also comb your hair easily and this way you will avoid the tangled ends. Very important rule when applying conditioners are to avoid the roots of the hair because it will make them greasy and you will be in a hurry to wash your hair the next day as well, which definitely is not a good idea. So you should stick to applying conditioner only from the middle of your hair to the tips of it, where it actually needs help with the oils, since the natural oils of the hair cannot reach the tips of it.

3 Use your fingers or wide-tooth combs to massage, hair product in your hair

It is better if you use your fingers or a wide-tooth combs to massage the products in your hair even if you have a thin hair. Usually girls with curly hair prefer wide-tooth combs so that they can comb their hair more easily, but when applying hair products the same goes for the ladies with thin hair. This way you will make sure that your hair gets enough of the products equally and it will ensure you minimal frizz when it get dry.

4 If you are drying your hair before you are going to bed, wrap it in a bun

You have probably noticed that when you dry your hair before going to bed, in the morning it looks like a mess, even if it has looked perfect before it. This is because no matter how well you dried it, your hair is a bit weak and prone to any kind of manipulation, thus lying over it is not a good idea if you want to have a good hairdo in the morning. So what you can do to escape from this problem? Just wrap your hair in a bun and pin it at the crown of your head. This will protect it from moving around while you sleep and its shape would be actually kept the way you want it to be.