The Best Hair Color for Women in Their 40s

hair color in your 40s

Young women can experiment like crazy with their hair. Different colors, shapes and effects are in order. Especially if you are in your 20s. Once you get older you have to be a little bit more considerate about your hair colors and experiments. In your 30s you are still in that phase where you can do a little bit of experiments, but not that much over the top.

Once you are in your 40s, you don’t want a look where you look like a crazy middle aged lady. You should opt for subtle, elegant and flattering.

Hair color in your 40s

No any color looks good on anybody. And not any color is made for the forty-something. So instead of coming out of the saloon with a color, which doesn’t do anything good for you, try to go for a shade, that accentuates on your good parts and makes you more beautiful than you have ever been.

  • Classic red

Reds are great for the middle aged women. Especially for the women that have fair skin with cooler undertones.The red is warm enough to give a glow and also they give you a youngster vibe (without looking ridiculous).

Once you get a red shade on your hair, you will see how it naturally brings out your eyes. Also, you won’t need blush, because your cheeks will look flashed in a natural way.

So multiple jobs, done by a single hair color.

  • Sun-kissed Ombre

The sun-kissed hair opts for a sun-kissed skin. So the ombre is perfect for the women with the warmer tones of the skin. One thing to remember here – don’t do it alone! Go to a saloon. This way your hair will for sure look amazing.

The ombre is perfect for longer hair, because there is enough space to spread and look naturally good. The lighter colors in your ombre hair, will take the eye off of any wrinkles you might have or any hollowness in the cheek area. So this is the best side of this hairstyle. And also, the shading is so beautiful, that you will love it for a very long time!

  • Light golden blonde

If you have very dark skin the blonde color (in any shade!) is NOT for you. But if you are more on the fair side – go for it! First of all you if are having grey and white hairs, it will be way easier to hide them. To we literally be unnoticeable.

The other cool thing about that color is that you can lighter and darker shades and get a great beleage technique that will warm you up and make you look younger.

  • Chocolate brown

This is a great warm hair color for all the ladies with dark skin. Usually it looks best on those of you, who have cool undertones. So consider that. It is a fun hair color. At least in my opinion. It is better for it to be all in one tone. Any mix and matches might distract the eye and do it way too much. If it is done right (at a saloon and in only one shade) it will cover any grey hairs for a long time and it will also soften your face, by giving you a youthful look.