How To Wear Dark Lips


Christmas is just around the corner and it‘s time we think about what we are going to wear and how we will do our hair and makeup. This winter if you want to be on top of the trend and become a center of attention, you have to go for dark, bold lipstick and subtle eyes. Today, we are going to talk about how and where to wear bold lipstick and what makeup to avoid combining with your dark lips.

As I said, bold and dark lipstick is the hottest trend right now and if you want to follow the trends, you need to go and buy yourself purple, dark red, dark brown or even black lipstick. One of the most popular celebrities that follow the dark lip trend is Kylie Jenner (one of the Kardashian sisters) and maybe because of her the burgundy lipstick became one of the top sellers worldwide. Kylie often chooses to combine the dark lip with a cat eye or another simple and natural eye look and make the lips the centerpiece of her makeup.

When you are choosing a dark lipstick you mustn‘t forget that it‘s your skin tone that‘s important. Not every dark shade goes with every skin tone – for example, it you are very pale and you don‘t want the Morticia Addams look, you have to choose a lighter shade of the lipstick and definitely go for something with color (which means that black won‘t be the most appropriate choice). Also, your hair and eyes matter, too. Red hair won‘t go really well with dark black or dark brown lipstick. You can choose some of your favorite celebrities for inspiration and see how the rock the dark lipstick to make sure that you make the right choice – the have makeup artists that do their makeup so you won‘t make a mistake.

When you have chosen your lipstick, you have to think about the rest of your makeup. Dark lips don‘t go really well with dark eyes. Because you have to choose either bold lips or dark eyes, you have to make your eye makeup more subtle and natural. A cat eye is almost always the best choice and you can use false lashes if you really want to make your eyes pop. You can also try a more natural smoky eye using browns instead of blacks. The last option is to go really natural with also mascara which can be the perfect everyday look if your style goes with the bold lipstick.

This year you can wear bold lips everywhere – on a party, for your everyday look or even for the office if you think it will be appropriate. So my advice is to experiment with colors and shades until you find the right lipstick for you and rock it before it‘s too late!

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